Operation #Rainbow

Finally, at long last, we’re pleased to announce our killer feature. A feature unique to Bristlr, and so Earth-shatteringly spectacular that it will leave all other dating apps essentially ruined.

New faces, every day

We’ve released a new experimental feature we’re calling “daily matches”. Every day we’ll find 4 new people who you may not have seen. Maybe they’re new, or perhaps just outside your filters. We’ll find four new people every 24 hours for you, and you’ll never see the same people in there twice. We’re going to … Read more

See all your matches in one place

It’s now even easier to see who you’ve matched with on Bristlr, because they’re all listed in one place; your matches page. The new page (the heart in the menu bar) lists all your matches, newest first. The page auto-updates every time you get a match, and the heart in the menu goes red if … Read more