#SuccessStory – Bristlr Baby

Here at the Bristlr Blog we’ve had plenty of Success Stories. We’ve brought people together all around the world. All through a mutual love of beards.

So imagine our delight to find that our very first Success Story between Sophie and Kyle has led to our first Bristlr Baby! Say hello to Alex, who we’re sure will grow up to be a big fan of beards.

Not bad for an account set up by some friends on a night of drinking, right Sophie?

It’s been a couple of weeks since Sophie contacted us through Facebook to tell us the good news. So we believe it’s time to share that good news with the rest of our fans.

We met through Bristlr two and a half years ago, and welcomed our daughter Alex three weeks ago!¬†She’s perfect, and absolutely loves snuggling in to daddy’s massive beard!

We’re totally smitten with each other and Alex. If I hadn’t messaged ‘Beyond The Flames’ on your app, we wouldn’t be here now.

The Bristlr Team is delighted our first (that we know of) Bristlr family! Congratulations to Sophie and Kyle, and welcome to the world our smallest beard fan, Alex!