#SuccessStory – Rae & Aidy

Another success here at Bristlr!

This week Rae got in touch to tell us she’s met the beard for her on Bristlr. The beard in question belongs to Aidy from Sheffield, and what a lovely beard he has! Take a look for yourselves.
We asked Rae for her story, how Bristlr brought her and Aidy together and where things are going from here.

I first saw Bristlr on Dragons Den and joined straight away but there was no one in my area.

Fast forward to April 2017 and I opened my distance search and found Aidy in Sheffield, 60+ miles away. His quirkiness and passion for photography were a hit for me and we began to chat via text and swapped Instagram account details to admire each other’s work.

We met in person on June 3rd in Sheffield. Both extremely nervous but had a fabulous day sharing our love of art, museums and the outdoors. We are now stronger than ever and have future plans.

‘Future plans’ sounds a bit mysterious, but that’s the way we like it here at Bristlr! The possibilities are endless, just like the beards!

We wish Rae and Aidy nothing but happiness and beard fondling in those future plans. We’re glad to hear you both found each other and share so many passions (but mostly, we’re delighted you share a passion for beards).

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Did you find love in a beardy place? Get in touch with samuel@bristlr.com and we’ll share your Success Story on our blog!