Beards look best on Fridays

We have the data to prove it.

Ever wonder if the time of day or day of the week changes how people view beards? Obviously, yes. So we ran the numbers.

Using data collected from our Rate Beards feature, we’ve found that on Fridays beards are consistently rated 2% higher than on an average day. Furthermore, between 3pm and 7pm there’s an extra 2% to 3% boost in follicle favourability.

Sadly, there is also a flip side to our data. Beards are regarded as 1% worse on Sundays and Mondays. The absolute lowest opinion point for beards is 7am on a Monday when people rate beards 3% lower than average.

Is discovering these facts a good use of my time? Who can say. The important thing is that your Friday feeling extends to beards.

Yours in beards,