10 Photos of beards that will make you say “that’s not a beard, that’s a cat.”

Beard fans, beware. They’ve taken over the internet, and in their conquest for world domination now they’re coming for our beards. Cats.

They may be cute, they may be fluffy, but they’re also deadly masters of disguise.

You might think this is a beautifully bushy beard, but beware! A keen eye can spot that this is in fact a cat.



They’ll do anything to blend in, matching their host’s hair colour to convincingly disguise as a beard …



But don’t be fooled. This. Is. A. Cat. And this feline is coming for your beard



You thought was beard, but is in fact cat.



Bamboozled again, another host claimed.



What a splendid beard, such a well groomed moustache! Oh wait … Cat.



They’re more cat than beard now …



Notice the cat-like mouth. These are the skills you’ll need to identify cats in disguise.



The host may fight back, but cats are strong.



Eventually the cats will multiply, spreading their control. This is a battle for beards!



So be vigilant, beard fans! Hide your beards, the cats are coming…

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