Bristlr gets push notifications

Push Notifications have eluded us for too long. And they elude us no more! With the release of Bristlr 1.4.0 on Android and 1.4.2 on iOS, Bristlr brings notifications right to you.

You’ll now get notifications when you get new messages, new matches, and when your daily matches are ready.¬†We’ll still also send you emails from time to time (and if you’re not using the updated apps).

The new updates also fix a few bugs and make chatting even faster, which is nice.

We’ve timed the daily matches notification so it’ll hopefully not wake you up. You can turn all these notifications¬†on or off in your settings.

2 thoughts on “Bristlr gets push notifications”

  1. If you login on the website then bookmark it to your home screen, it’s almost identical to the app (only without push notifications, it’ll use email instead). As soon as we see enough people using Windows phones, we’ll be able to justify the time it’ll take to create a windows version.

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