Searching via #hashtags is now a thing

Hot on the heels of Operation #Rainbow comes a less fun, but probably more practical, new feature: hashtags act as search links.

Any hashtags you use in your profile or messages will become links to a search of the phrase. So you can now find everyone who loves #pizza, #cats, and #coffee. And #rainbows, of course.

This is the first update in what we’re thinking of as the more social side of Bristlr. We want to make it easier for people to find and connect with others. We want online dating to be fun, effective, and have a social element.

If you’re wondering, the image in this post is the word cloud you get if you take all the text in everyone’s bios. Cool, right?

1 thought on “Searching via #hashtags is now a thing”

  1. I just want to thank you. As a victim of a lothario, I cannot tell you how disturbing it is to discover portfolios of pictures with women in the same positions in the same locations that I thought were “our” special pictures. And these are quite intimate pictures. It was damned uncanny to see five folders with five different women posed the same way….

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