[Press Release] Beard-Lovers Can’t Get No Satisfaction

[Press Release] Beard-Lovers Can’t Get No Satisfaction

There’s a world shortage of beards under way as demand outstrips supply, according to beard dating app, Bristlr.

Bristlr, more commonly known as “Tinder for Beards”, have more people looking for a date with a bearded beauty than people with beards available for dates! The world is currently undergoing a global beard shortage.

Bristlr have run their numbers and found that for every 10 people with good beards, there are 19 people wanting to find a bearded partner.

CMO, Stephanie Wedderburn explains ‘as one of our users put it… lots of people just want “a man with a good beard”. We’re experiencing a huge demand for more bearded men here in the UK, in Brazil, the US, Spain, Germany, and even China! We often get personal requests from women asking us to bring more bearded men to their area.’

If you’re sporting a nice bit of facial rough or are thinking of letting it grow, now’s the time to get on Bristlr and help them quash this (somewhat surprising) world facial fur shortage!

Bristlr have taken the dating world by storm since launching in October 2014. They’ve attracted a massive 90,000 users across the globe, made more than a third of a million matches, and proved that peak beard is definitely not over.

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