Bristlr has a new CMO!

Our bristles are upstanding to welcome our new CMO to the team, Stephanie Wedderburn! Stephanie is a life-long lover of nature’s coat, in all its masculine glory (and that’s not just limited to the hair which grows on your face)! We hear she’s a bit of a fan of a chest carpet too… Putting Stephanie’s … Read more

[Press Release] Idris Elba Has Britain’s Best Beard

British-born actor Idris Elba has been voted as owner of Britain’s best beard, according to leading beard experts, Bristlr. Elba, who rose to fame on the back of his portrayal of drug lord and aspiring businessman Russell “Stringer” Bell in the American police series The Wire, came top of a list of famous British men … Read more

New faces, every day

We’ve released a new experimental feature we’re calling “daily matches”. Every day we’ll find 4 new people who you may not have seen. Maybe they’re new, or perhaps just outside your filters. We’ll find four new people every 24 hours for you, and you’ll never see the same people in there twice. We’re going to … Read more

Mugs! We have Bristlr mugs!

  Bristlr mugs are now a real thing, and you can have one for £10 / $15 with free shipping. Just have a nosey at to get your very own piece of beard pride.

See all your matches in one place

It’s now even easier to see who you’ve matched with on Bristlr, because they’re all listed in one place; your matches page. The new page (the heart in the menu bar) lists all your matches, newest first. The page auto-updates every time you get a match, and the heart in the menu goes red if … Read more

Introducing Bristlr’s copy-paste detector

On dating sites and apps some people (let’s be honest, usually guys) send the same opening line to literally hundreds of people. Sometimes they think up these ice-breakers by themselves, other times they get them from cheat-sheet “guides”. There are even fairly large communities of people out there crowd sourcing these messages. When they find one that seems to work, … Read more