Beards of Star Wars

‘Tis the season…


We’ve waited long enough, and it’s finally here (almost)! In honour of the long awaited release of Star Wars The Force Awakens, we bring to you the Top 5 Beards of Star Wars!

Beware, this list may contain spoilers!

5 – Qui-Gon Jinn


It might not be the lengthiest, it might not be the thickest, but Qui-Gon certainly works it. We were sorry to see this one go as early on in the prequels as it did! The force unfortunately wasn’t strong enough with this one…

4 – Ki-Adi-Mundi


This white and wispy wonder didn’t get nearly enough screen time for our liking! Ki-Adi’s wavy beard certainly brings out his piercing yellow eyes, don’t you think? Alas, we had to say another painful goodbye… 

3 – Obi-Wan Kenobi


From bare to bearded, Obi-Wan came a long way from Episode One all the way up until Episode Four! The moment that beard appeared, we were captivated. They say beards are a sign of great wisdom, and Obi-Wan certainly brought it. Unfortunately, his role as a farther figure to Anakin proved to be his undoing. Bye-bye beardy…

2 – Jek Tono Porkins


A personal favourite of mine; I love a burly beard. And who doesn’t love a beard in uniform? Porkins geared up and aided the Rebels in battle. Unfortunately, Porkins was yet another we had to say farewell to, too early. There’s a pattern we’re noticing here – perhaps George Lucas was afraid someone might outdo his own beard…

1 – Chewbacca


The only surviving member of our list! Chewbacca hasn’t just stopped with a beard, oh no. Every inch is covered is bristles and we love it! This is a beard you can’t beat, George Lucas! You can even make out Chewbacca’s carefully styled moustache. Chewie’s beard oil budget must be out of this world… 

Do you agree with our list, or do you think Star Wars has more beardy goodness on offer? Let us know!

And may the force be with you…

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