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10 Questions: Samuel Alexander (Bristlr Brand Ambassador) - Bristlr's Blog
10 Questions: Samuel Alexander (Bristlr Brand Ambassador)

10 Questions: Samuel Alexander (Bristlr Brand Ambassador)

Hello Bristlrs! We take great pleasure in introducing you to a new beardy feature, 10 Questions. Each week we’ll be asking a fellow face-fur lover 10 questions about beards, Bristlr, and [not so romantic] romance. What better way to start then with one of our new friends and brand ambassadors Samuel Alexander, from the birthplace of Bristlr, Manchester.

  1. Do beards excite your loins? There’s only one answer.

Absolutely, and sometimes the other way around.

  1. By how much?

Sometimes the very sight of an exciting beard gets me all flustered and light-headed; I usually have to sit down for a moment. Basically, a lot.

  1. Which is your favourite beard? Why?

A ‘loin tamer’. That’s not a Bristlr recognised style? On second thoughts, the ‘professor’, because intelligence is hot, but intelligence with added fur is hotter.

  1. And your least favourite? Why?Capture

A ‘safety belt’. It’s a painful reminder of my early days… What was it even keeping safe? Was it keeping my hair attached to my head? No… No it was not.

  1. Your famous beard crush is…

Does Jake Gyllenhaal still have a beard? Give me a moment whilst I google… Yep, Jake Gyllenhaal.

  1. What’s the best thing about Bristlr?

Have you SEEN those beards? Speaks for itself really, but it’s pretty cool that Bristlr isn’t all about catering to just men with beards, it’s about fans of beards too, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation or anything really. I like that.

  1. If we could add any new feature to Bristlr, what would it be?

Beard length and girth. I jest, I jest. Not so much a feature, but a few more events targeted at niche beard lovers might be fun! I’m just one of maaaaany examples, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of gay man on there at the mo, bearded or otherwise (perhaps they’re hiding from me). Let’s sort that out.

  1. Any ‘hairy’ moments you’d like to share from the romance bank? Go on…

Oh my… I did start a forest fire by rubbing beards with a fiery red-head once. That’s absolutely true.

  1. Have you found love on Bristlr?

I’ve momentarily misplaced it if you’d care to help me look for it?

  1. What does the future look like for you and Bristlr?

I’m sure we’re going to live bristly ever after.



Stephanie Wedderburn

Stephanie is CMO of Bristlr, beard stroker, and social media lover (may also need priorities reordering).

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