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10 Questions: Brian Harrington - Bristlr's Blog
10 Questions: Brian Harrington

10 Questions: Brian Harrington

  1. Do beards excite your loins? There’s only one answer.

Let’s just say I enjoy waking up and looking at myself in the mirror every day, yes.

  1. By how much?

On a scale of 1-10, 11.

  1. Which is your favourite beard? Why?beards 

The Tree Fella, it’s the closest to the beard that I rock and I think is the perfect mix of casual and intentional. The best look for guys is the intersection of effortlessness and intentional.

  1. And your least favourite? Why?

The Safety Belt, I feel like a lot of guys make the mistake of defining the chin line too high which causes the beard to look more like a football helmet strap or a safety belt for your face. It’s possible to have a beard that is full and still gives off a trimmed and well-kept look.

  1. Your famous beard crush is…

I definitely wouldn’t mind looking like George Clooney when I get older, his five o’clock shadow nails it.

  1. What’s the best thing about Bristlr?

The conversations I’ve been able to strike up because of Bristlr have felt the most authentic for me compared to other dating apps. I think it’s great to have a common interest with someone right off the bat, like beards, and then let the conversation naturally flow from there.

  1. If we could add any new feature to Bristlr, what would it be?

The features are great; I think the interface and messaging feels a little clunky at times. Looking forward to seeing that improve as the community grows.

  1. Any ‘hairy’ moments you’d like to share from the romance bank? Go on…

None that I’m brave enough to mention here but I keep track of my rambling thoughts and a running commentary on all my dates on Twitter at @brainharrington.

  1. Have you found love on Bristlr?

I have found mutual attraction and great conversation, and if that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

  1. What does the future look like for you and Bristlr?

Bristlr is fast becoming like a great friend who you’re happy to pick up the phone when they call. The future is bright.

Stephanie Wedderburn

Stephanie is CMO of Bristlr, beard stroker, and social media lover (may also need priorities reordering).

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