#BristlrPride Entrants

It’s almost time to reveal our THREE WINNERS of the #BristlrPride competition!

But before we do that, let’s take a quick look back at all the wonderful photos you beards and beard lovers have sent in.

*Multiple photos has not increased anyone’s chances of winning, but we’re always happy to see more of you!

So, in no particular order, here are the many beards of Pride!!


Okay, actually our first entrant! And a beautiful beard at that! Now, in no particular order!


All those beautiful beards, but are they a winner?


A beard and achievements to be proud of! Well done, you!


Could this fiery red beard be our winner?


Someone found a member of our team!


Smile, it’s Pirde! And you could be a winner!


Our only bearded queen! And a fabulous queen at that! Here’s hoping you’re a winner!


There could be a reason to celebrate yet!


Good luck to you and Lil Poundcake!


Who said you couldn’t get creative? Extra points there!


Living it up and hopefully having a reason to celebrate soon!


Just look at that beard of authority!

Those are all our entrants for Bristlr Pride! Thank you so much to everyone that took part, we hope you all had a magical Pride celebration!

We’ve consulted with Totem Wolf, our prize suppliers, and the decision is ours to make.

Our three winners will be announced tomorrow, so watch this space! You could be one of them!