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#Beardcare Review – California Beard Company

California Beard Company makes great beard products, lets start off there. This month we’ve been using their Original Scent Beard Oil and Beard Comb.

The Original Scent Beard Oil is scented with Tea Tree and Peppermint. It’s a lovely, nostalgic scent that I can’t get enough of. I found myself sniffing the bottle regularly, even after putting the oil in my beard.

So what are the benefits of the oil? After just one week of using California Beard Co Oil, I found my beard to be noticeably smoother and silkier, and so much easier to get a comb through!

With less split ends in your beard, you’ll find your beard needs less frequent trimming. Guess what that means? Yes! A lengthier, thicker beard over time! So why would you not use California Beard Co Oil?

If you’re going to get a quality beard oil, you’re going to need a quality comb. California Beard Co also sells top quality combs.

The comb is perfectly sized to fit in your pocket so you can take it with you everywhere. That way you can keep your beard neat on the go. The logo is also carefully engraved in to each comb, which looks super fancy.

The comb will not only help keep your beard neat, tidy and smooth. It also helps stimulate the hair follicles of your beard, encouraging more hair growth. Cool right? You’ll have a thick and fancy beard in no time!

Pros and cons? I suppose the scent is that addictive that you might be purchasing California Beard Co Oil regularly. However, the price certainly isn’t a turn off at $20 a bottle (and UK delivery is an option for our fans back home!).

For anyone that prefers an unscented bottle, California Beard Co does carry an Unscented Oil. Comes with all the benefits of the Scented Oil, but without the Tea Tree and Peppermint. Your beard will be nicely protected from the sun (just in time for summer over here!), the wind, the rain, well…anything!

I’d like to thank Chandler of California Beard Co for getting in touch with us, and sending over some products for us to try out!

Be sure to head over to the California Beard Co store, so you can try out their amazing products for yourself.


#Beardcare Review – Totem Wolf Blend 79

If you’ve been paying close attention to our social media lately, you’ll know that we love the Totem Wolf brand. Their professionally crafted beard oils, and other beardcare products, have been keeping our beards bushy, bright and beautiful for a while now.

I’ve been lucky enough to sample a few of the lovely beardcare concoctions at Totem Wolf HQ, they were even kind enough to get Bristlr to Pride! But let’s talk about Blend 79 (as seen in GQ Magazine) and why you should get in to it. Check at the end of this article for a store link!


Have you ever thought you need more variety in your beard oil? Want to be greeted by a different scent each time you give it a sniff? Blend 79 has an eclectic mix of carefully selected scents that all come together to make one beautifully sweet sniff.

When the scent first hits you, you’ll be greeted with the sweet yet minty top notes of Grapefruit and Peppermint. These scents are great mood boosters, and combined are great to help with depression, colds and even headaches. The oils are also antibacterial and antiseptic, so no nastiness in your beard! And those are just the top notes!

It doesn’t stop there. Shortly after the initial application, as the top notes begin to fade, it’s time for the heart notes to kick in! A strong combination of Rosemary and Clary Sage.

If you’re feeling a bit run down, the Rosemary is a great mind booster. It’s a fresh, minty scent with a woody undertone (for that touch of masculinity, if that’s what you’re after). The Clary Sage mixes well, with a sweet, nutty scent that calms and helps with stress.

Fun fact, Clary Sage is also an aphrodisiac. Use with caution! If you know what I mean…

A little while longer and the base notes of Cedarwood and Patchouli Dark come out.

The Cedarwood, as the name suggests, is a very woody scent, with a touch of warmth. What’s that? Perfect for the winter? Perfect Christmas present for your bearded buddies? Yeah, that’s what I thought you said. More mind clearing scents to follow with the Patchouli Dark oil, which is deliciously sweet and rich, with added earthy tones.

So, how would I describe Totem Wolf’s Blend 79? Well, it’s definitely a journey of a scent. It’s a complexly sweet scent, that evolves whilst it’s on your beard! Who doesn’t want a dynamic scented beard? I know I do!

Speaking from experience, I can tell you that Totem Wolf beard oil’s are worth every penny. You get a lot for your money, not just in quantity (the bottles last a long time) but also quality. Each bottle is delicately blended with care and attention to detail. They also look super classy.


What’s that? You want your own bottle? Or thinking it would make a great present for your beardy pal this Christmas (Winter is coming, just sayin’)? Get Blend 79 here!


#BristlrPride Winners

We have our winners!

While we had some fabulous entries, we managed to narrow it down to our three winners in each category!

Taking home the Rainbow Beard category is:

It might not be a rainbow, but it’s a wonderful colour and we truly admired the creativity! You’re a winner!

Category is… GLITTER BEARD! And our winner is:

A beautiful, glittery look! Condragulations, you’re a winner, baby!

And our final category, with the most entries (so well done, you!), the standard beard winner is…

Beardy, beautiful, what’s not to love! Congratulations, you’ve done it!

Well done to our three competition winners! We will be in touch to sort out your prizes!

A huge thank you to everyone that entered the competition and to Totem Wolf for supplying the prizes!

Until next time, #HappyPride!



#BristlrPride Entrants

It’s almost time to reveal our THREE WINNERS of the #BristlrPride competition!

But before we do that, let’s take a quick look back at all the wonderful photos you beards and beard lovers have sent in.

*Multiple photos has not increased anyone’s chances of winning, but we’re always happy to see more of you!

So, in no particular order, here are the many beards of Pride!!

Okay, actually our first entrant! And a beautiful beard at that! Now, in no particular order!

All those beautiful beards, but are they a winner?

A beard and achievements to be proud of! Well done, you!

Could this fiery red beard be our winner?

Someone found a member of our team!

Smile, it’s Pirde! And you could be a winner!

Our only bearded queen! And a fabulous queen at that! Here’s hoping you’re a winner!

There could be a reason to celebrate yet!

Good luck to you and Lil Poundcake!

Who said you couldn’t get creative? Extra points there!

Living it up and hopefully having a reason to celebrate soon!

Just look at that beard of authority!

Those are all our entrants for Bristlr Pride! Thank you so much to everyone that took part, we hope you all had a magical Pride celebration!

We’ve consulted with Totem Wolf, our prize suppliers, and the decision is ours to make.

Our three winners will be announced tomorrow, so watch this space! You could be one of them!

Queer Beard Questions – Ruby Rawbone

With Pride Season in full swing, we’re making a whole series of Queer Beard Questions! We’ll be seeking out various queer beards to question them on their thoughts on beards, their own expression of gender and gender identities and the progress we, the LGBTQ community, have made over the years.

Ruby Ross 2

Our first interview is with a good friend of ours, Ruby Rawbone (AKA Ross), a beautiful, beardy BABE of a drag queen based in Bristol. Here’s what they had to say:

What does drag mean to you?
Drag to me means that I can be whatever I want to, Its a beautiful and varied art form. Drag is an expression, a movement, a performance.
Drag Kings and Queens have been an integral part of the LGBTQ community and have been the key to so many successful equality movements. The art form has been around for centuries and continue to grow everyday. There are so many sub cultures within the drag community, which is a sub culture itself. It just shows how varied the art form is and to be part of something so wonderful is nothing short of an honour. Standing on stage at Bristol pride was a highlight of Ruby’s life so far and to receive the love and support that I did it made the 6am start worthwhile.
What do beards mean to you?
Beards have historically been a sign of status and masculinity. You just have to look at history and portraits to understand that… However it is very much not the case in this day and age. It is a look and they come in all shapes, sizes and colours. They are used as  a sign of expression, blue beards being my favorite so far.
What statement are you trying to make by mixing drag and beards?
When I first started being a drag performer, I loved my beard as  Ross and thought why compromise. Ruby was spawned with a beard and why change that. The mixing of the stereotypical feminine look with the stereotypical masculine look worked for me as a performer. Why should I have to do something because society says so? I took a lot of influence from several areas from the beautiful creatures that make the ‘Sink the Pink’ nights in London, to the Cabaret stunners all around the country to the artistic prowess of the Housewives of Birmingham and the #Manchesterqueens.
How do you feel about recent acknowledgements of different gender identities? 
About TIME, why should anyone be put in one of two boxes by society. There are an infinite amount of ‘boxes’ and people should be able to be who they want to be with THEIR life and jump in and out of whatever they want. Why label it? I feel some people have to compartmentalise to understand, but who cares what other people think, life is too short. Be the beautiful person you are, whatever that may be.
What would you say to someone that sees beards as a “men only” zone and would force us in to little gender boxes? 
Two words…. F**K YOU.
What words of wisdom and inspiration would you impart to anyone struggling with their idea of gender and how to present themselves? 
Be who ever you are and want to be. The people who care about you will love you for whatever you want. Just fill your life with love and positivity and you will be a very happy person leading a full life. I learned this the hard way. Ruby has shown and taught me a lot. I get so much love from strangers, friends and family so go on do your thing. The LGBTQ  community are a massive family across the world and will stand by each other regardless. Drop a friend a message tell them you’ll support them with anything big or small. express yourself! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Thank you so much to the beautiful Ruby Rawbone! Stay bearded and stay beautiful, and keep up those words of positivity!

Recommend Your Barber for Totem Wolf!

Our pals over at Totem Wolf are looking for barbers to stock their beard products!

If you’re a local barber in Manchester and you want to stock some quality beard oils, soaps and more, we can’t recommend Totem Wolf enough! We’ve even been gifted with our own, unique blend! So, if you feel that the oils on offer aren’t for you, drop a message. Perhaps you could have your own blend.

Not a barber yourself? No problem! There’s still an offer for you if you think your barber is interested in Totem Wolf products.

If you recommend a barber and they choose to stock Totem Wolf’s products you’ll be gifted with your own 30ml bottle of Blend 79 beard oil!

To recommend your barber, just drop Totem Wolf a message and get your barber to do the same. Then, if your barber says yes, we’ll say yes to gifting you with your free bottle of Blend 79!

So get recommending!


*currently UK only!



The Shaving of Oli Wood

We don’t often promote shaving – as beard fans it really goes against what we’re all about. But we can always make an exception, especially when it’s for a great cause. So, when Oliver Wood got in touch to inform us he’d de-hairing we had to find out what his reasons were…


Looking ever so happy about the idea of shaving off that beard!

So Oli, tell us why have you decided to de-hair?

Every few years I try to raise money for a good cause by doing something stupid.  My last challenge was swimming across Ullswater (longest lake in the UK) in my pants.  What I didn’t realise was quite at the time was how dangerous it was and thus how stressful for my family it turned out to be.  So this time I’ve doing something safe, but equally as tough (I think).  St Mary’s is a the hospice where my father in law was treated so well in the last few weeks of his life.  It costs almost £6k a day to run St Marys, so if I can help keep them open for even one more day thats got to be a good thing.

Wonderful cause, you can certainly count on Bristlr’s support! Was the decision to shave a tough one?

Yes, pretty tough, it’s a big part of my identity.  To be honest removing the rest of the body hair is more challenging  I think a lot of men have their imagine of masculinity tied up in their hair (Samson et al) and I’m no different.  It’ll be painful and humiliating on the night but waking up the next morning will be scarier.

How long have you been growing that beard?

I think I’ve had a beard continuously for about 2 years now.  I normally keep it trimmed and tidy but since I set myself the challenge I’ve been letting it and my mustache grown out.  On and off I’ve been trying to grow a beard for nearly ten years (so many false starts) so it’s going to be pretty tough to go back to being completely clean shaven.

Are you a slow grower or will your beard be back with us again soon?

Not fast enough!  I’m being shaved and waxed on a Thursday night so that going into work the next day is challenging.  I’ve also gaot a big family gathering that weekend too.  I’m hoping I’ll be back to having a reasonable beard by the New Year.

How did you find us?

I’d heard of you on Twitter and then met John at a tech meet up in Newcastle (and got a bit over excited). I’ve a huge amount of time for Bristlr because of the amount of thought that they’ve just into gender, sexuality and relationship status.  In 2015 your shouldn’t be asked “Are you male or female” when you sign up to a service.  I’ve got a Bristlr profile primarily for making new friends.

We’re delighted you came to us, and you’ve got our support all the way! Anything else you’d like to add?

I promise to grow back my beard and body hair as fast as is humanly possible.  The world shouldn’t be without another beard.

There you have it; Bristlr is, just this once, very much in support of shaving! Please, please show your support for Oli and this fantastic course by visiting his funding page and giving what you can.

Good luck to you Oli and St Mary’s Hospice! Bristlr wishes you all the best!


PS. For those of you wanting to use your Bristlr mugs creatively, try out Oli’ recipe for strawberry jam with chilli and lime.