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10 Beard Styles that never grow old…

Grow. Get it?

So you’ve been growing out that beard for a while and you’re not really sure what to do with it. Am I right? We’ve all been there.

Well, have no fear, Bristlr is here. We’ve tracked down ten great beard styles that will never grow old! Read on and marvel at these beautiful beards.


1. The Basic Beard. Basic, but by no means boring! No need to go crazy with this one, just let it grow and keep it trimmed. Any length, any colour, you can rock this if you just believe you can…


2. The Stubby. No need to keep it too long if maintenance if an issue. Keep it stubby and just trim it back when it’s getting a bit lengthy for your liking…

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Guten Morgen☕️#sunday

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3. The Bun & The Beard. If you want a complete look for your entire head, this is the one for you. Just grow out your hair alongside your beard and tie it up in a carefree bun…


4. The Goatee. You can’t beat a classic, and the goatee is certainly an iconic look. Turn heads on your travels. You’re bringing beardy back…


5. Tache n’ Shadow. Don’t want a full beard? No problem. There are other alternatives for your hairy face. That top lip is perfect real estate…


6. Tache to the Max. There’s no such thing as going overbeard when it comes to your face. Grow that tache all the way down to your feet if you want. You do you…


7. Bald & Beardy. Swap the hair on your head for the hair on your chin. Really pull focus to that carefully sculpted beard by eliminating any competition your hair up there might create…


8. Beard Braids. Keep your bushy bits under control with a braid or two! No need to loose any length here. If anything the lengthier, the better…


9. Beady Beardy. More of a decoration than a style, but if you’ve got a creative streak why not show it off with some beads in that beard? Show off a style all your own…


10. Your Beard Your Rules. Who said you needed to conform to a style anyway? It’s your beard and you can grow it out and maintain however you like. We support you…



So go ahead and grow, beard owners! You’ve been given the Bristlr Stamp of Approval on your beards!

And whilst we certainly don’t want to pick a favourite style, we’ll give you a hint…

10 Merbeards that’ll make you want to take to the sea…


Majestic. Flawless. Seaworthy.

All the qualities you could possibly want in a beard, for sure.

The Merbeard is top swimmer when it comes to beard trends. Colouring in beards to make them appear as if they came straight out of the ocean never gets old. We even attempted to Merbeard ourselves that one time.

So, in appreciation of the majestic Merbeard we’ve tracked down 10 Merbeards that’ll make you want to take to the sea… (Interpret that as you will).

Try not to be too salty if you’re not a fan.


1. The Classic Look. Keep it classy with the colours of the ocean. You can practically hear the crashing of the waves…

2. Sea Green. You could go for a look that’ll make others green with envy…

3. Pretty in Pink.  Why it gotta be blue? Not all fabulous creatures of the deep blend in…

4. Ocean Rainbow. Serve rainbow trout realness…

5. Decorated Sailor. Why stop with colour? Get some decorations from the deep…

6. The Full Merman. Why stop with your beard when there’s a whole canvas upstairs waiting to be splashed with colour…?

7. The Silver Fin. Shimmer and shine, stand out in an ocean of colour…

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Silver on silver. Make it shine! @celebriteez

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8. The Turquoise. You can always keep it simple with your Merbeard…

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Merbearding it up this weekend! @stevensanchezjr

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9. Flashy Fish. Or go wild, the world is your oyster…

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Dye it! Spray it! Werk it! @freeradical666

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10. The Constructed Merbeard. Don’t be put off if you haven’t got a beard of your own to decorate. Dip your toes in to the waters of creativity…


And with that we’re fresh out of sea-beard related puns!

Have you successfully Merbearded yourself? We wan’t to know! Message our Instagram @Bristlr or Twitter @BristlrApp and we’ll help you show off your ocean fantasy to the world!

10 Lovely Things You Can Do With Your Beard

Beards are great. We love beards. You love beards. Everyone loves beards (even if they say they don’t).

Sometimes, beards could do with being a little more lovely. Just a touch more fabulous. We’re sure you’ll agree. So, we’ve scoured that internet to find 10 lovely things you can do with your beard. Or someone else’s beard, so long as you ask them first.


1. Colour it in with stuff. Go full on Merbeard, or Manicorn, or whatever we’re calling it now. Get creative. From hair chalk to colourful mascaras, there are plenty of ways to add a splash of colour to you beard.


2. Stick some flowers in it. Flowers are great, flowers and beards are even better. Be a friend of the bees and looks fabulous whilst you do it. #TheBeardsAndTheBees


3. Put colourful beads in it. Maybe you don’t want to colour in the beard itself but you want lots of pretty colours in there? Tie some beads in it! If you happen to be at Mardi Gras, so much the better.


4. Fill it with snacks for later. It’s a known fact that beards will capture food, so why delay the inevitable? Fill that face with food! Then eat it later. Before it gets sticky.


5. Even more flowers. Why stop with your beard? If you’ve got enough up top, you can get all floral up there too.


6. Glitter it up. If your hands are full carrying your fabulous unicorn purse, where are you going to keep all of your glitter? In your beard of course.


7. Store your pencils in it. Does your beard need to reflect your artistic endeavours? Perhaps you’re a teacher and you need to keep spares for your students? Or maybe you just really love pencils?


8. Light it up. With little bulbs, put the lighters down. Let your beard be a light in the darkness. A beacon of fuzzy hope. Find things in the dark really easily.


9. Get festive with it. Beard baubles are really the tip of the iceberg here, but you can’t beat a classic festive look.


10. Bead it up again. Try a more conservative bead, if colours aren’t your thing. You’ll still look flawless. If you’ve got a really thick beard, you could even tie it up to tame it.


There are many ways you can jazz up your beard. The only limit is your imagination… Mostly.

So get out there and put things in your beard! Make it a say something beard day!


Cover image by Vito Fun.


10 Photos of beards that will make you say “that’s not a beard, that’s a cat.”

Beard fans, beware. They’ve taken over the internet, and in their conquest for world domination now they’re coming for our beards. Cats.

They may be cute, they may be fluffy, but they’re also deadly masters of disguise.

You might think this is a beautifully bushy beard, but beware! A keen eye can spot that this is in fact a cat.


They’ll do anything to blend in, matching their host’s hair colour to convincingly disguise as a beard …

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#catbeards with Alli 😻#Charlotte

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But don’t be fooled. This. Is. A. Cat. And this feline is coming for your beard


You thought was beard, but is in fact cat.


Bamboozled again, another host claimed.

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Me and my mama… She looooooves me! 😂😂😂😂😂

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What a splendid beard, such a well groomed moustache! Oh wait … Cat.


They’re more cat than beard now …


Notice the cat-like mouth. These are the skills you’ll need to identify cats in disguise.


The host may fight back, but cats are strong.


Eventually the cats will multiply, spreading their control. This is a battle for beards!


So be vigilant, beard fans! Hide your beards, the cats are coming…

You can help! By signing up to Bristlr and finding more beards that aren’t cats!

Guest Post – Common Beard Myths Debunked

Beards have gotten a terrible reputation over the years. From men believing their faces will itch all the time, to thinking that you won’t get a job if you’ve got a beard. Who knows where the strange myths originated from…?!?

Luckily most myths can be debunked with a little bit of logical reasoning. Maybe the men who couldn’t grow a lush beard started spreading rumors out of envy!

Myth #1: Your hair will grow back thicker after shaving it

This one is more wishful thinking than urban legend. Unfortunately it’s not true. Clinical trials dating back to 1928 prove that shaving has no effect on hair growth. More recent studies also concluded that shaving can’t affect the thickness.

The living section of the hair is under the skin, so by the time you start noticing hair sprouting from your face, you’re dealing with the dead portion.

A Seinfeld episode might have helped to perpetuate the urban legend.


Myth #2: Only dark-haired beards can look great

Sounds like a bad blonde joke. A dark-haired beard might stand out a bit more, but the truth is that if you grow a formidable and nicely groomed beard, any color will look awesome. As long as the beard complements your face, it doesn’t matter what color it is.

Myth #3: Growing a beard will look like I’m trying to compensate

Wow, if you believe this one, you are way too paranoid about what people think about you. It is indeed true that a bit of stubble can make you look more handsome, studies have proved this. But think about it this way, a woman will change her hairstyle to look more attractive, so why can’t you do the same with your beard?

Myth #4: A beard takes 2 to 3 weeks to look complete

Sure, it might grow this quickly if you are endowed with amazing genetics. The reality is that it takes about two to three months for your beard to reach its full potential. Before you start scheming to buy that fancy beard oil to make your beard full overnight, read the next one.

Myth #5: Beard growth oils will boost beard growth

As mentioned above, by the time you start seeing your beard, you’re dealing with the dead bits. You can keep your beard hair in good condition by rubbing in some beard balm or oil, but it won’t affect the growth. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether you believe the research that says you can pop a pill to grow your beard quicker.

Myth #6: When my hair starts to turn grey, so will my beard


Before you start lamenting over the thought of having a grey beard, they are actually perceived to be quite sexy. Your head hair and your beard hair are not magically linked by some biological time bomb to switch to grey. Sometimes your beard might go grey first and sometimes it will only catch up later with your head hair.

Myth #7: Only a professional can be trusted to trim a beard

Sure, the first time you have to trim your own beard will be daunting. But if you follow a few simple trimming rules, you will soon feel like a professional barber in your own home. Together with knowing how to do it, using the right tools will also make the process effortless. Just take it slow, tackling it inch by inch. Or actually even just half an inch in the beginning.

Myth #8: If it doesn’t grow by the time you’re 20, it won’t ever grow

Nonsense! Some genetic patterns create late bloomers, so to speak. You might have to make peace with a bit of patchiness until you’re about 23 to 25. And not all areas of your beard will grow at the same pace. You will have to commit to at least two to three months for your beard to look totally awesome.

Myth #9: Your beard has faecal matter in it

Who knows who came up with this urban legend and why! Bottom line, don’t listen to everything you hear on the internet. No, a beard is not full of poop, only figuratively if it grows in strange directions that annoys you. It might itch from time to time if you’re not looking after it properly, but that does not mean it’s full of nasty germs.

Read this article for the story behind the story.

Myth #10: My ID has a clean shaven photo, with a beard I will be unidentifiable while traveling


Sorry to burst your bubble, but your beard is not that powerful. You might feel like your beard has the power to transform you into a sexy beast, but the ID checkers at the airport are trained to look past your disguise. If this fact was true, a woman would have to stick to the same hairstyle her whole life as well.

Quirky Beard Facts

Now that you feel even more proud of your beard, the following will make for good conversation starters when someone admires your beard.


Fun Beard Facts
Source: Manomics.com

  • Your beard will grow quicker during the summer. Beards also grow faster in the daytime than at night.
  • Alexander the Great was not a big fan of beards. He forbade his soldiers from having beards. He believed that when in battle the enemies could pull their beards and get the upper hand.
  • In the Middle Ages men were really serious about their personal space. If you touched another man’s beard without permission, he could challenge you to a dual. Wonder how often that happened.
  • In America 33% of men boast with facial hair, in comparison with the average of 55% of men worldwide.
  • In ancient Egypt the men were quite vain. They would gold plate their beards to show-off. Imagine that trend coming back again!
  • The longest beard ever measured was 17.6 feet. You can go and view it at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC museum. Hans Langseth passed away in 1927 and his dying wish was that his beard must be chopped off before burying him, preserved for posterity.
  • In the 1960’s the CIA came up with a crazy plan to ruin Fidel Castro’s image. They dusted his shoes with thallium salts that would make his iconic beard fall out. But as with all the other attempts to assassinate him, the plan was an epic fail.

Wear Your Beard Proudly

If you’re in the process of growing a beard or if you’ve been nurturing a beauty for a while now, share some of your beard stories with us. Has anyone ever told you one of the myths and believed it to be true?

About the author: This article was provided by Andries Johannes from manomics.com/beards. Manomics is a website focused on topics such as men’s grooming, health and fitness. You can follow manomics on twitter.


Bristlr Newsletter – Issue #2

Hello beards and beard lovers! We’re back and here to provide a warm, fuzzy safe space for all things beardy – it’s Issue #2 of the Bristlr Newsletter!

We’ve been enjoying a month long celebration of our Dragon’s Den appearance, we’re really DRAGging that one out (see what I did there?). However, it’s time to move on to bigger and beardier things, and so we’ve now closed the #WolfInTheDen competition. But the excitement doesn’t stop there, we’ll be announcing our winner and the three competition runner-ups below!

We’d like to thank everyone that entered in to the competition, and a special thanks goes to Totem Wolf for supplying beard oils, soaps and even discounts on future purchases to our beards!


The Winners of Wolf in The Den! 

We’re excited to announce that the top Bearded Dragon of our #WolfInTheDen competition is… Oliver Kennedy! With the strongest pitch and a respectable beard to boot, we simply couldn’t say no! Oliver earns an investment of two bottles of Totem Wolf Blend 79 Premium Beard Oil, a box of Totem Wolf Beard Savon AND 10% off all Totem Wolf purchases for a year!

Coming in at a close second, Iain Dunford had a great beard and a pitch but Oliver’s was a difficult one to top. Our other two runner-up beards are Tom Ince (of the Liverbeards) and Valentino Gahide! You’ll each be receiving a bottle of Totem Wolf Blend 79 Premium Beard Oil!

Unfortunately not everyone can be a winner. We had some strong entries from a lot of beards, and we want to thank everyone that entered the competition! We’ll be running more in future for sure, so don’t hesitate to put your beard forward again in the future! We look forward to seeing you again…

To see the rest of our competition entrants, head over here.

Guest Blog 5 Rules For Dating With a Beard

Guest Blogging – Dating With a Beard Rules

Did you know that our blog is open to collaboration with beard enthusiasts worldwide? Well you do now! If you’ve got something to say about beards, we’ve got the platform for you to do it, just get in touch with our content managerSamuel. Our latest guest post comes from Victor Bertoni.

Here’s a quick extract from Victor’s post:

‘Having a beard can make you look a lot more masculine. A beard also puts you into a dating niche that can work in your favour. There are many misconceptions surrounding men’s facial hair and women’s desires, but the bottom line is that beards can be sexy and a great asset to your personal style.

When you are dating, use these 5 rules to make sure your beard works for you.’

Read there rest of Victor’s post here.

Wessex beards Men Championships

This month will see The Wesex Beadsmen’s 4th Beard & Moustache competition take place! The non-profit organisation supports a different charity each year, such as The Make-A-Wish Foundation UK and Mind. This year The Wessex Beardsmen will be supporting The Yeovil Freewheelers. So if you love healthy competition, beards, moustaches and charitable causes then get involved.

Got a story all about beards that you want to be featured in a future edition of our newsletter? Contact Samuel at samuel@bristlr.com


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The Winners of #WolfInTheDen

Competition Winners Wolf In The Den

We are proud to finally announce the winners of the #WolfInTheDen Competition, sponsored by Totem Wolf!

The top Bearded Dragon of our #WolfInTheDen competition is… Oliver Kennedy! With the strongest pitch and a respectable beard to boot, we simply couldn’t say no! Oliver earns an investment of two bottles of Totem Wolf Blend 79 Premium Beard Oil, a box of Totem Wolf Beard Savon AND 10% off all Totem Wolf purchases for a year!

Oliver Kennedy
Winner: Oliver Kennedy

Coming in at a close second, Iain Dunford had a great beard and a pitch but Oliver’s was a difficult one to top.

Iain Dunford
Runner up: Iain Dunford

Our other two runner-up beards are Tom Ince (of the Liverbeards) and Valentino Gahide!

Tom Ince
Runner up: Tom Ince
Valentino Gahide
Runner up: Valentino Gahide

Each runner up will be receiving a bottle of Totem Wolf Blend 79 Premium Beard Oil!

Unfortunately not everyone can be a winner. We had some strong entries from a lot of beards, and we want to thank everyone that entered the competition! We’ll be running more in future for sure, so don’t hesitate to put your beard forward again in the future! We look forward to seeing you again…

Thanks to all of the competition entrants, you made our latest competition a smashing success!

#WolfInTheDen – The Entrants

Last week our Wolf In The Den competition, celebrating our Dragon’s Den appearance, came to a close. Now we have a whole list of beards to go through to decide who we’re willing to invest in, with beard care products supplied by Totem Wolf.

In no particular order, here are the Beards of Wolf In The Den:

Ginger Ron

“Where do I start with this beard? It’s been with me now for a good few years, in those years it’s continued to grow, receive complimentary remarks and dazzle the public. Ignore the fact I’m actually on the toilet in this and just behold its magnificence… I don’t actually watch Dragon’s Den so no idea if I’ve pitched to you in a dragonly manner… Be well my fellow bearded brothers.”

-‘Ginger Ron’ (We don’t know your real name, sorry!)

Antony Dawson

“Because my beard (and waxed ‘tache) is a hand-crafted, steam-powered, Victorian creation.”

 -Anthony L D


“Wait, you’re even asking?”

   -Boris K

Chris Turner

“My beard is the Bristlr logo and owns 51% of this damn company. It’s shares can only be bought out with beard oil.”

 -Chris T

Iain Dunford

“Hello Bearded Dragons, I feel like my beard would provide you with a great opportunity to test your beard oil to its limits. My beard is regularly drenched in a heady mixture of craft beer, whiskey and my own stale, lonely tears. And i feel that my folicles could do with some cheering up. Let my beard help you, its what its there for. Whether it be for a crafty fondle before bedtime, or an invigorating tug in the morning, my beard is there, waiting.”

-Iain D

Mark Stenson

“Because if I do a handstand it looks like Johnny Bravo’s hair.”

 -Mark S

Nick B Carter

“Mine’s already soft but would love the extra TLC…”

-Nick C

Oliver Kennedy

“Hello dragons, I’m Oliver Kennedy, and I’m here today with my beard, looking for an investment of 5 beard oils, for a 10% equity share in my beard.

My beard started about 1 and a half months ago and since starting revenue of the beard has grown ten fold.

Turn over at night has been a loss of 10 hairs per night, but with backing from a dragon like yourself I believe I can start to see a turn over of around 10 hairs growing a night.

My aim for the next financial year is to have a steady growth, leading up to 2018 where projected growth is around a yeard.

Thanks for listening to my pitch and if you have any questions I’d be more then happy to answer them.”

-Oliver K


“Well is there anything better than a well groomed beard that smells nice when you get close?”

-Pantelis X

Peter McKerry

“Because my beard has the fire OF A THOUSAND SUNS!”

 -Peter M

Rob Dervish

“This beard is 10 years in & yet to find a beard oil that can deal with the lustrous girth. However when oiled does shine & many many folk ask how do I care for the beard & this is where I tell them! Thanks Dragons Den, life got a lot more exciting on Bristlr that night.”

-Rob D

Rob Langley

“Hello dragons. You have more money than sense… but you don’t have a decent beard. Give me all of your money and beard oil, or I’ll break into your houses and put one solitary beard hair in every cereal packet.”

-Rob L

Si Dixon

“My beard deserves to win because it owns a particular set of skills, skills it has acquired over a long career, skills that makes it a nightmare for people like you, it will find you and it will win this prize…….

-Si D

Stuart Pritchard

“Because she said ‘No'”

Stuart P

Tim Barker

“Beards are awesome, and should always be celebrated. Especially if it contain hints of fire-red.

Beards are beautiful because the separate the men from the boys, and they demand respect and awe.

Any beard that can survive the cold, blistering Canadian winter deserves a bit of pampering. #WolfInTheDen”

-Tim B

Tim Hodge

“What? I can’t hear you because my beard is too awesome… Oh, a competition? Meh, whatever. I might win, I might not. Either way I win because this grows out of my face. Gaze upon it and weep, lesser mortals.”

-Tim H

Tom Ince

“My beard deserves to win because my hands might be rough but I like my beard soft.”

 -Tom I

Valentino Gahide

“This is my beard. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My beard is my best friend. It is my life. I must master trimming it as I master my life. My beard, without me, is useless. Without my beard, I am useless.”

-Valentino G

Wayne Oakes

“My beard deserves to win as I’m a beard virgin and it needs to be broken in by the best.”

-Wayne O


“Because it is natural, because it is part of me, because it is my own choice.”

-Zsolt M

That’s a wrap! We’ll be narrowing down our entrants over this week and will reveal the winner and three runners-up in this month’s Bristlr Newsletter on Friday! Not signed up? Head over here.

#WolfInTheDen – The Final Day!

Our #WolfInTheDen competition in association with Totem Wolf and inspired by our Dragon’s Den appearance last month will be drawing to a close tomorrow.

There’s still time!

If you think your beard has got what it takes, then you’ve got nothing to lose in entering our competition. Just contact us with a photo of your beard, and pitch it to us. Dragon’s Den style!

We’ve had some great entrants so far, with strong beards and stronger pitches! It’ll be difficult to decide on a winner, let alone THREE runners-up! It’s hard work, but we take pride in it…

In case you missed it, we recently sweetened the deal for our winner with the help of Totem Wolf. We now have five bottles of Premium Beard Oil, a box of Beard Savon Soap (contains two blocks) AND the offer of 10% off all Totem Wolf purchases for a year!!

The winner will receive two bottles of the Premium Beard Oil and the box of Beard Savon Soap, as well as the 10% off offer. Our three runners up will receive a slightly smaller, but equally respectable einvestment of one bottle of Premium Beard Oil.

So get to it! You have until Midnight GMT 31st March 17 to enter your beard and prove to us that you have what it takes to win!

Bristlr Newsletter – Issue #1

Hello, beard fans! Welcome to Bristlr’s first ever newsletter! Every month I’ll be searching far and wide to bring you updates from the beard world.

We’re sure you’ve already heard that Bristlr founder, John, recently appeared on Dragon’s Den and managed to woo Dragons Nick Jenkins and Peter Jones with his charms (the beard probably helped too). To celebrate, we’re running our #WolfInTheDen competition! We’ll be giving away fabulous prizes supplied by Totem Wolf.

Speaking of Totem Wolf, we’ve got a lot of good things to say about their signature Blend 79 Beard Oil in our review. And the beardcare treats don’t stop there; Beard Lab were kind enough to send us some of their brand new Darwin Beard Butter to test out. Also, last month I did an experiment with a variety of Lush products.

– Samuel Alexander, Bristlr’s Community manager


The Wolf In The Den Competition!

In celebration of our recent Dragon’s Den appearance, and success, we’re launching a new competition!

We’re teaming up with Totem Wolf and have a supply of their signature Blend 79 Beard Oil. And we’re looking to invest those bottles in you, the dedicated beard owners.

In the spirit of Dragon’s Den, you’ll have to pitch your beard to us in order to win!

Find out more about our competition and how to enter here…

Beard Lab NL

Beard Lab’s Darwin Beard Butter

We do love an extra special treat for our beards here at Bristlr, and Beard Lab’s Darwin Beard Butter is just that. So you can imagine our delight when we were sent our very own pot of the lovely stuff to try out.

Unlike a beard balm, Darwin Beard Butter isn’t really useful for styling. Instead it’s really nourishing – with regular use expect your beard to be incredibly soft and silky. Couple that with regular use of beard oil, such as The Scientist, and you’ll have a super strokeable beard in no time.

Read our full review here…

braw beards NL

The Braw Beard Oils’ Beard and Moustache Championships 2017 was a total sellout! If you want to get yourself in to next year’s championships head over to Braw Beard Oils, where you can also find photos from 2017’s Championships.

Totem Wolf NL

Totem Wolf’s Blend 79

Have you ever thought you need more variety in your beard oil? Want to be greeted by a different scent each time you give it a sniff? Blend 79 has an eclectic mix of carefully selected scents that all come together to make one beautifully sweet sniff.

When the scent first hits, you’re met with the sweet yet minty top notes of grapefruit and peppermint. These scents are great mood boosters, and combined apparently are great to help with depression, colds and even headaches. The oils are also antibacterial and antiseptic, so no nastiness in your beard! And those are just the top notes!

Read our full review here…

finlay nl

Meet Finlay Wilson. Notice Finlay’s great beard – it’s not the lengthiest beard, but it’s certainly well-groomed and it’s got a nice thickness to it. You can find Finlay teaching yoga in Dundee, and if you’re lucky he might even do it in his kilt! In fact he recently made a social media splash by doing just that! If you want to see more of Finlay and his bendy, beardy ways why not check out his Instagram?


NT’s Valentines with Bristlr

Last month was Valentine’s Day, naturally a very important day for the Bristlr team. So in an effort to unite beards with those that want to stroke them, we teamed up with NT’s Bar and Café down in London.  We flooded the bar with beard fans and a scattering of beards as the cocktails flowed and the beards were fondled (responsibly, of course). It was a delight to be involved, we hope NT’s are enjoying a new, beardy presence in their venue. Here’s to more future beard-fondling Valentine’s with Bristlr.

Got a story all about beards that you want to be featured in a future edition of our newsletter? Contact Samuel at samuel@bristlr.com


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