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April 2015 - Bristlr's Blog

[Press Release] Are you hair to the sexiest beard throne?


Whether it’s full face fuzz or sculpted stubble, a beard is a strong style statement which requires a certain amount of confidence to wear with pride.

With confidence comes an understated sexiness and Bristlr, the app that pairs beard-wearers with beard fanciers, wants to celebrate this by encouraging the people of the UK to share their most desirable facial hair.

If you know someone with an awe-inspiring beard, or you’d like to whistle about your whiskers, simply share an image of your pride and joy along with #ShowUsYourBristles on Bristlr’s Facebook or Twitter to be in with a chance to be named UK’s Sexiest Beard.

The winner will receive a host of grooming products guaranteed to keep those chops in check as well as a virtual trophy to be displayed on their Bristlr profile page, so that any and all matches can see they’ve been officially named Britain’s Sexiest Beard.

John Kershaw, founder of the acclaimed Bristlr app, said: “The beard is now a firm styling choice for men across the UK. The facial hair statement experienced a rapid comeback and has since cemented its place as solid fashion statement.

“Let’s celebrate the comeback of the beard. Who says only Hollywood stars can have sexy beards? The UK has a great sense of style, being home to one of the trend setting capitals of the world. Bristlr will face a challenge picking one winner.”

Launching at the end of 2014, Bristlr has experienced rapid user sign ups and now has almost 75,000 members.

So go ahead #ShowUsYourBristles

10 Questions: Samuel Alexander (Bristlr Brand Ambassador)

Hello Bristlrs! We take great pleasure in introducing you to a new beardy feature, 10 Questions. Each week we’ll be asking a fellow face-fur lover 10 questions about beards, Bristlr, and [not so romantic] romance. What better way to start then with one of our new friends and brand ambassadors Samuel Alexander, from the birthplace of Bristlr, Manchester.

  1. Do beards excite your loins? There’s only one answer.

Absolutely, and sometimes the other way around.

  1. By how much?

Sometimes the very sight of an exciting beard gets me all flustered and light-headed; I usually have to sit down for a moment. Basically, a lot.

  1. Which is your favourite beard? Why?

A ‘loin tamer’. That’s not a Bristlr recognised style? On second thoughts, the ‘professor’, because intelligence is hot, but intelligence with added fur is hotter.

  1. And your least favourite? Why?Capture

A ‘safety belt’. It’s a painful reminder of my early days… What was it even keeping safe? Was it keeping my hair attached to my head? No… No it was not.

  1. Your famous beard crush is…

Does Jake Gyllenhaal still have a beard? Give me a moment whilst I google… Yep, Jake Gyllenhaal.

  1. What’s the best thing about Bristlr?

Have you SEEN those beards? Speaks for itself really, but it’s pretty cool that Bristlr isn’t all about catering to just men with beards, it’s about fans of beards too, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation or anything really. I like that.

  1. If we could add any new feature to Bristlr, what would it be?

Beard length and girth. I jest, I jest. Not so much a feature, but a few more events targeted at niche beard lovers might be fun! I’m just one of maaaaany examples, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of gay man on there at the mo, bearded or otherwise (perhaps they’re hiding from me). Let’s sort that out.

  1. Any ‘hairy’ moments you’d like to share from the romance bank? Go on…

Oh my… I did start a forest fire by rubbing beards with a fiery red-head once. That’s absolutely true.

  1. Have you found love on Bristlr?

I’ve momentarily misplaced it if you’d care to help me look for it?

  1. What does the future look like for you and Bristlr?

I’m sure we’re going to live bristly ever after.



Bristlr has a new CMO!

1391671_10152033573847774_1610558367_nOur bristles are upstanding to welcome our new CMO to the team, Stephanie Wedderburn! Stephanie is a life-long lover of nature’s coat, in all its masculine glory (and that’s not just limited to the hair which grows on your face)! We hear she’s a bit of a fan of a chest carpet too…

Putting Stephanie’s preference for male body hair aside for a moment, she’s also really rather good at marketing, and most specifically digital marketing. She’ll be working hard to understand how to keep our loyal Bristlr fans happy and entertained, and how to attract new beards and beard-lovers into the fray – therein also keeping existing fans happy and entertained!

She’ll also be responsible for running our social media, so be sure to follow us on Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and Vine, in addition to Facebook and Twitter. There are exciting happening afoot!

It’s a really thrilling time for Bristlr. What started as a “wouldn’t it be fun if…” has turned into a thriving bearded community. It’s very exciting to see it grow and we’re loving every step of the way. So thank you Brisltrs for helping to make it happen!

Now if you’d give Stephanie a warm welcome!

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Don’t let those beards deceive you; filtering by age

Filtering by age and distanceIt’s been the most requested feature for a few months, and it’s now ready for everyone to use; filtering by age.

The update also brings with it a slider for distance filtering, to let you be even more specific about har far you’d be willing to go for a fondle. Geographically speaking.

Bristlr gives you the option to set a lower limit and an upper limit, from 18 to 60+, then shows you only those who match your filter.

If anyone doesn’t have an age on their account (if they signed up before your date of birth was required at signup and haven’t updated their profile) they won’t appear in any results.