What’s Your Real Beard Type?

Whatever your gender, everyone can have their very own beard, thanks to our highly scientific beard test. Take it today to find out what your real beard is!
1. Are you more of a Disney fan or an HBO kinda person?
2. If the situation so calls, what’s your weapon of choice?
Something sharp
3. Why, what a delicious looking cake! May I have a slice?
Of course!
No. Pi** off and get your own!
4. Tent or bed? (For sleeping in, of course).
I like to sleep under the stars!
Tent?! Get outta here! Give me a bed.
5. Are you more of a thinker or a doer?
What's Your Real Beard Type?
The Tree Fella
You like to get down with nature, and nature likes to get down with you. Let it grow wild and free! You could even use it as a bird sanctuary (it’s the sort of nice thing you’d do).
What's Your Real Beard Type?
The Professor
Level-headed and well learned, you've chosen a style to reflect your greatest traits - a regular shave would simply be a waste of your intellect. Why, it's demanding enough just keeping it in trim! Seriously though, you're probably a genius. Or at least, based on your answers, you like to think about things before believing in them, and you like the outdoors. That suggests this kind of beard.
What's Your Real Beard Type?
The Viking
Open wide, and scream your battle cry at the top of your voice as you split your rug like the heads of your enemies. Don't really split people's heads though... It is just a beard style, you see.
What's Your Real Beard Type?
The Wizard
Selfless to the last, you avoid the clippers so that you can spare the time to help others. By having a really long beard. I saw a cartoon once where Merlin used his wizard beard to dust Arthur's kitchen. Very fashionable and efficient accessory, the wizard-beard. Unless you're not a real wizard.... Then it's just a bit strange....