10 Merbeards that’ll make you want to take to the sea…

Majestic. Flawless. Seaworthy.

All the qualities you could possibly want in a beard, for sure.

The Merbeard is top swimmer when it comes to beard trends. Colouring in beards to make them appear as if they came straight out of the ocean never gets old. We even attempted to Merbeard ourselves that one time.

So, in appreciation of the majestic Merbeard we’ve tracked down 10 Merbeards that’ll make you want to take to the sea… (Interpret that as you will).

Try not to be too salty if you’re not a fan.


1. The Classic Look. Keep it classy with the colours of the ocean. You can practically hear the crashing of the waves…

Leave no bridge unposed. #merbeard 📷: @jackiewidmann

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2. Sea Green. You could go for a look that’ll make others green with envy…

3. Pretty in Pink.  Why it gotta be blue? Not all fabulous creatures of the deep blend in…

4. Ocean Rainbow. Serve rainbow trout realness…

Donski. Fresh coat! Feeling whole again! 🌈🤘🏻🌈😎 || #THERainbowBeard #RainbowBeard #merbeard #mermanbeard #merman

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5. Decorated Sailor. Why stop with colour? Get some decorations from the deep…

Someone finally let me fuck with their beard! #merbeard #arcticfoxhaircolor #bluebeard #hobomermaidlife

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6. The Full Merman. Why stop with your beard when there’s a whole canvas upstairs waiting to be splashed with colour…?

7. The Silver Fin. Shimmer and shine, stand out in an ocean of colour…

Silver on silver. Make it shine! @celebriteez

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8. The Turquoise. You can always keep it simple with your Merbeard…

Merbearding it up this weekend! @stevensanchezjr

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9. Flashy Fish. Or go wild, the world is your oyster…

Dye it! Spray it! Werk it! @freeradical666

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10. The Constructed Merbeard. Don’t be put off if you haven’t got a beard of your own to decorate. Dip your toes in to the waters of creativity…


And with that we’re fresh out of sea-beard related puns!

Have you successfully Merbearded yourself? We wan’t to know! Message our Instagram @Bristlr or Twitter @BristlrApp and we’ll help you show off your ocean fantasy to the world!

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