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[Press Release] Beard-Lovers Can’t Get No Satisfaction

There’s a world shortage of beards under way as demand outstrips supply, according to beard dating app, Bristlr.

Bristlr, more commonly known as “Tinder for Beards”, have more people looking for a date with a bearded beauty than people with beards available for dates! The world is currently undergoing a global beard shortage.

Bristlr have run their numbers and found that for every 10 people with good beards, there are 19 people wanting to find a bearded partner.

CMO, Stephanie Wedderburn explains ‘as one of our users put it… lots of people just want “a man with a good beard”. We’re experiencing a huge demand for more bearded men here in the UK, in Brazil, the US, Spain, Germany, and even China! We often get personal requests from women asking us to bring more bearded men to their area.’

If you’re sporting a nice bit of facial rough or are thinking of letting it grow, now’s the time to get on Bristlr and help them quash this (somewhat surprising) world facial fur shortage!

Bristlr have taken the dating world by storm since launching in October 2014. They’ve attracted a massive 90,000 users across the globe, made more than a third of a million matches, and proved that peak beard is definitely not over.

[Press Release] Are you hair to the sexiest beard throne?


Whether it’s full face fuzz or sculpted stubble, a beard is a strong style statement which requires a certain amount of confidence to wear with pride.

With confidence comes an understated sexiness and Bristlr, the app that pairs beard-wearers with beard fanciers, wants to celebrate this by encouraging the people of the UK to share their most desirable facial hair.

If you know someone with an awe-inspiring beard, or you’d like to whistle about your whiskers, simply share an image of your pride and joy along with #ShowUsYourBristles on Bristlr’s Facebook or Twitter to be in with a chance to be named UK’s Sexiest Beard.

The winner will receive a host of grooming products guaranteed to keep those chops in check as well as a virtual trophy to be displayed on their Bristlr profile page, so that any and all matches can see they’ve been officially named Britain’s Sexiest Beard.

John Kershaw, founder of the acclaimed Bristlr app, said: “The beard is now a firm styling choice for men across the UK. The facial hair statement experienced a rapid comeback and has since cemented its place as solid fashion statement.

“Let’s celebrate the comeback of the beard. Who says only Hollywood stars can have sexy beards? The UK has a great sense of style, being home to one of the trend setting capitals of the world. Bristlr will face a challenge picking one winner.”

Launching at the end of 2014, Bristlr has experienced rapid user sign ups and now has almost 75,000 members.

So go ahead #ShowUsYourBristles

[Press Release] Idris Elba Has Britain’s Best Beard

British-born actor Idris Elba has been voted as owner of Britain’s best beard, according to leading beard experts, Bristlr.

Elba, who rose to fame on the back of his portrayal of drug lord and aspiring businessman Russell “Stringer” Bell in the American police series The Wire, came top of a list of famous British men who have made their beards part of their appeal, including actor Tom Hardy, national treasure Gary Barlow and model David Gandy.

It is the first time Elba, 42, has won an award for his beard-sporting prowess.

Despite wearing a beard in his portrayal of Detective John Luther in the BBC One series Luther, and when he played Nelson Mandela in the biographical film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, on top of three Golden Globe nominations for Best Actor in a Miniseries or Television Film, his beard has never before been officially recognised.

John Kershaw, founder of the acclaimed Bristlr app, which pairs beard-wearers with beard fanciers, said: “Idris Elba has one of the most distinguished beards on the planet.

“He wears his beard with pride and effortless ease and the flecks of grey in his beard give him a sense of dapper distinction that others can only envy.”

Forget designer stubble, Elba’s face full of scruffy stubble gives him an effortless unkempt look that frames his chiseled features. Never afraid to switch it up, Elba has paid homage to the many different looks from fully-fledged beard, expert goatee to his most current perfect award winning stubble.

Second place in the Best British Beard of the Year awards went to Take That singer Gary Barlow, and third spot went to muscled male model David Gandy.

Charlie Hunnam, the original choice for Christian Grey in the movie version of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, managed a respectable fourth place and the Top 5 is completed by Kate Middleton’s brother James Middleton.

John Kershaw added: “These men have all helped elevate the beard to new heights by proudly wearing a beard of distinction during the past 12 months.”

Bristlr has enjoyed a meteoric rise – starting at the end of 2014 from owner John Kershaw’s bedroom in the trendy Northern Quarter district of Manchester city centre – and now has almost 70,000 members.

While dating apps are plentiful, Bristlr prides itself that it is the only dating app available for people with beards and beard-lovers.


1. Idris Elba
2. Gary Barlow
3. David Gandy
4. Charlie Hunnam
5. James Middleton
6. James McAvoy
7. David Beckham
8. Harnaam Kaur
9. Tom Hardy
10. Daniel Day Lewis

[Press Release] Bristlr Dating App Stops Serial Lotharios In Their Tracks


A NEW dating app phenomenon has an in-built lothario detector which stops serial love-rats romancing several people at the same time.

Bristlr, an app designed to match those with beards to those who want to stroke beards, has pledged to stop serial daters cutting and pasting chat-up lines across multiple profiles.

Bristlr, despite having no pre-publicity or pre-launch marketing budget, has grown from “a fun idea” to having an incredible 65,000 signed up members just months after it launched.

One of the most talked about features of the new dating app is its development of a special internal monitoring tool to keep an eye on people who may not have others best interests in mind as they use the site.

Designed specifically to root-out serial lotharios who routinely copy & paste the exact same message to multiple people, Bristlr’s monitoring tool even gives users the heads up if it detects somebody is sending the same message to them and numerous others.

Bristlr originator John Kershaw said: “We don’t stop people doing things, we just surface the information about what they’re doing so the other person can make an informed decision.

“If someone has said “Hey, how’s it going” to 5 people, that’s fine. But if they’re saying you’re the only one for them, and they’ve sent that to 50 people, that’s not going to fly.

“When somebody gets a message that’s been copied and pasted, the message is sent as normal but there’s a warning underneath which will say something like ‘Just so you know, (name) has sent this exact message to at least (number) of other people.”

“In future we’ll be able to highly promote people who regularly have good conversations (as rated by the people they chat to).”

The free app has seen phenomenal success since launch at the end of 2014. So far it has had more than 65,000 sign ups, over half a million messages sent and nearly a quarter of a million beard ratings.

Bristlr – which also has its own website at www.bristlr.com – has also seen a quarter of a million matches made and has thousands of daily active users with thousands of new sign ups every week. The phenomenon has already attracted widespread acclaim.

What really sets Bristlr apart from other dating apps is that it is devoted to finding partners for people who have beards.

Bristlr is the only popular beard-centric dating app, meaning it attracts and caters only to beard lovers. Every connection instantly shares something very unique.

It has so far attracted members from UK, USA, Brazil, Holland and Canada and plans to roll out everywhere.

As it’s an app for beard lovers, it also has a “rate beards” section which keeps showing users beards to rate out of 5. The top ranking people with beards get a badge on their profile to tell others they’re highly ranked in the local area.

John, 28, who is based in Manchester, added: “It started as a funny idea. The tag line ‘Connecting those with beards to those who want to stroke beards’ came first. I posted it as a joke to Facebook, then decided to take it a bit further and make a fake sign up page.

“To my surprise, people started signing up. It took two weeks to make the first prototype, and it’s been growing ever since.

“I started thinking about all the new apps and services which connect people like Uber and AirBnB. I was procrastinating from work and stroking my beard, and that was my light-bulb moment.”