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Bristlr adds Gender Options

Bristlr adds Gender Options

Bristlr has had a successful journey so far, and we’re always pushing that journey further. We’ll be bringing various updates and upgrades to the app over the coming months. Our first update is the option to select your gender when creating your profile. Also, you can filter your searches by gender.

We once said we wouldn’t be bringing gender options to Bristlr until we can do it right. We may not have cracked the code yet, but we’re making a start. As always we’re open to feedback. In fact, we’re actively encouraging it here! We’ll be adding more gender options; if your gender isn’t represented, let us know and we’ll make sure you are.

Why are we adding Gender to Bristlr?

Queer, Bi and Gay Beards on Bristlr

When Bristlr first arrived we had no gender options. Instead, we had the option to search for people with beards, people without beards, or both. We made no assumptions of gender based on whether or not someone has a beard.

According to John Kershaw, founder of Bristlr, this was “to make Bristlr as open as possible to everyone. I figured if you’re going to split people down a binary, why not make that about beards?”

In theory this was perfect; everyone is welcome regardless of gender or sexuality. In practice, it made searching and matching a little difficult for some of you. Couple that with a lot of press labeling us as an app for ‘bearded men and women that love beards’, Bristlr started to seem less inclusive than we wanted it to be.

So after much research, internal debate, feedback, and a chat with Robyn Exton, founder of the dating app for LGBTQ women ‘Her‘, we decided to make some changes.

As one example: previously men struggled to find other beardy men interested in men on Bristlr. With the gender filtering, you can identify as male and say they’re interested in other men. Bristlr will do the matching from there, ensuring you’ll only see people interested in you.

John again; “We’ve had nearly three years without gender, so the switch is going to be a little awkward. As a middle step, the new gender filtering is very broad; if you select you want to see men, we’ll show you everyone who didn’t select ‘woman’ on their profile.”

What’s next for Bristlr’s Journey of Inclusivity?

The LGBTQ Spectrum - all welcome on Bristlr!

Bristlr is for everyone, the only thing you really need to join us is a love of beards. Inclusivity is super important to us, and we want to make sure we get it right! Your feedback is going to play a big role in that.

For now you’re able to express your gender on Bristlr, and we’re including a functional text-box for custom fields. If your gender identity is missing from our app or it’s not working for you, let us know!

On the sexuality options, John said “we’re not adding a selection for sexuality. Instead we’re asking who you are (when it comes to gender), and who you’d like to meet.” You’re still able to write your sexuality in your profile and express your identity in that way if you like. And we’re working on  improving that too!

Got some feedback for us? Whether it’s adding in new gender options or any new features, we’re listening. Get in touch through our FAQ page

Gay, Bi & Queer Beards on Bristlr

Gay, Bi, Queer Beards

Those of you with a keen eye will notice a recent update to our FAQ section on your favourite dating app, Bristlr!

However, we’re aware that some of your have had a bit of a problem using Bristlr – namely our gay, bi and queer users looking for other beards.

Since joining the Bristlr team, one of the questions I hear most often goes along the lines of …

How do I find other gay men on Bristlr?

One of our aims with Bristlr is not to put people in to boxes, aside from the key ‘beard or no beard’ boxes. We don’t want to slap labels on everything, you have the freedom to come up with your own labels. What we really want is for everyone to feel welcome and involved, regardless of gender or sexuality.

However, we are aware that this can cause a problem for gay, bi and queer users looking for other beards – it can make searching for another beard a little difficult.

We know some of you might want to wear your identity with pride. And if that’s something you’re comfortable with, it’s something we actively encourage. Take a look at our new addition to the FAQ section:


See? We’re trying, and we hope you understand. By using hashtags in your profile, other Bristlr users will be able to find you using the search bar.

Of course if you ever do have any feedback we’re open to it.

We want Bristlr to be an inclusive app for all beard fans, so we’ll work hard to bring that to you.


Bristlr gets push notifications

Push Notifications have eluded us for too long. And they elude us no more! With the release of Bristlr 1.4.0 on Android and 1.4.2 on iOS, Bristlr brings notifications right to you.

You’ll now get notifications when you get new messages, new matches, and when your daily matches are ready. We’ll still also send you emails from time to time (and if you’re not using the updated apps).

The new updates also fix a few bugs and make chatting even faster, which is nice.

We’ve timed the daily matches notification so it’ll hopefully not wake you up. You can turn all these notifications on or off in your settings.

Searching via #hashtags is now a thing

Hot on the heels of Operation #Rainbow comes a less fun, but probably more practical, new feature: hashtags act as search links.

Any hashtags you use in your profile or messages will become links to a search of the phrase. So you can now find everyone who loves #pizza, #cats, and #coffee. And #rainbows, of course.

This is the first update in what we’re thinking of as the more social side of Bristlr. We want to make it easier for people to find and connect with others. We want online dating to be fun, effective, and have a social element.

If you’re wondering, the image in this post is the word cloud you get if you take all the text in everyone’s bios. Cool, right?

Operation #Rainbow

Finally, at long last, we’re pleased to announce our killer feature. A feature unique to Bristlr, and so Earth-shatteringly spectacular that it will leave all other dating apps essentially ruined.

You can make the text in your bio and messages rainbow coloured.

I know, I know, we didn’t think it was possible to achieve such technological superiority either, but we have. Just put #Rainbow in any text on Bristlr and marvel at the wonder that is, rainbow text.

And yes, my username on Bristlr is “Sausage”, what of it?

Don’t let those beards deceive you; filtering by age

Filtering by age and distanceIt’s been the most requested feature for a few months, and it’s now ready for everyone to use; filtering by age.

The update also brings with it a slider for distance filtering, to let you be even more specific about har far you’d be willing to go for a fondle. Geographically speaking.

Bristlr gives you the option to set a lower limit and an upper limit, from 18 to 60+, then shows you only those who match your filter.

If anyone doesn’t have an age on their account (if they signed up before your date of birth was required at signup and haven’t updated their profile) they won’t appear in any results.

New faces, every day

How to find your daily matches

We’ve released a new experimental feature we’re calling “daily matches”.

Every day we’ll find 4 new people who you may not have seen. Maybe they’re new, or perhaps just outside your filters.

We’ll find four new people every 24 hours for you, and you’ll never see the same people in there twice.

We’re going to be improving our algorithm as time goes on and as we learn what works and what doesn’t. Our goal is for all four of the people we have in your daily matches be because you’ll click the heart under. We’ve got all kinds of fancy monitoring ready to go.

Don’t want to see them any more? The hide button has arrived!

Profiles can now be hidden

Good news for anyone who has some folks on their Bristlr list who they just don’t fancy; we’ve added a hide button.

All profiles now have the heart, and a hide button. Clicking once will hide the account for 31 days with the option to hide them forever with another tap. If you’ve hidden someone by mistake, or regret your decision, you can un-hide people in your settings page.