The Winners of #WolfInTheDen

Competition Winners Wolf In The Den

We are proud to finally announce the winners of the #WolfInTheDen Competition, sponsored by Totem Wolf!

The top Bearded Dragon of our #WolfInTheDen competition is… Oliver Kennedy! With the strongest pitch and a respectable beard to boot, we simply couldn’t say no! Oliver earns an investment of two bottles of Totem Wolf Blend 79 Premium Beard Oil, a box of Totem Wolf Beard Savon AND 10% off all Totem Wolf purchases for a year!

Oliver Kennedy
Winner: Oliver Kennedy

Coming in at a close second, Iain Dunford had a great beard and a pitch but Oliver’s was a difficult one to top.

Iain Dunford
Runner up: Iain Dunford

Our other two runner-up beards are Tom Ince (of the Liverbeards) and Valentino Gahide!

Tom Ince
Runner up: Tom Ince
Valentino Gahide
Runner up: Valentino Gahide

Each runner up will be receiving a bottle of Totem Wolf Blend 79 Premium Beard Oil!

Unfortunately not everyone can be a winner. We had some strong entries from a lot of beards, and we want to thank everyone that entered the competition! We’ll be running more in future for sure, so don’t hesitate to put your beard forward again in the future! We look forward to seeing you again…

Thanks to all of the competition entrants, you made our latest competition a smashing success!

#WolfInTheDen – The Entrants

Last week our Wolf In The Den competition, celebrating our Dragon’s Den appearance, came to a close. Now we have a whole list of beards to go through to decide who we’re willing to invest in, with beard care products supplied by Totem Wolf.

In no particular order, here are the Beards of Wolf In The Den:

Ginger Ron

“Where do I start with this beard? It’s been with me now for a good few years, in those years it’s continued to grow, receive complimentary remarks and dazzle the public. Ignore the fact I’m actually on the toilet in this and just behold its magnificence… I don’t actually watch Dragon’s Den so no idea if I’ve pitched to you in a dragonly manner… Be well my fellow bearded brothers.”

-‘Ginger Ron’ (We don’t know your real name, sorry!)

Antony Dawson

“Because my beard (and waxed ‘tache) is a hand-crafted, steam-powered, Victorian creation.”

 -Anthony L D


“Wait, you’re even asking?”

   -Boris K

Chris Turner

“My beard is the Bristlr logo and owns 51% of this damn company. It’s shares can only be bought out with beard oil.”

 -Chris T

Iain Dunford

“Hello Bearded Dragons, I feel like my beard would provide you with a great opportunity to test your beard oil to its limits. My beard is regularly drenched in a heady mixture of craft beer, whiskey and my own stale, lonely tears. And i feel that my folicles could do with some cheering up. Let my beard help you, its what its there for. Whether it be for a crafty fondle before bedtime, or an invigorating tug in the morning, my beard is there, waiting.”

-Iain D

Mark Stenson

“Because if I do a handstand it looks like Johnny Bravo’s hair.”

 -Mark S

Nick B Carter

“Mine’s already soft but would love the extra TLC…”

-Nick C

Oliver Kennedy

“Hello dragons, I’m Oliver Kennedy, and I’m here today with my beard, looking for an investment of 5 beard oils, for a 10% equity share in my beard.

My beard started about 1 and a half months ago and since starting revenue of the beard has grown ten fold.

Turn over at night has been a loss of 10 hairs per night, but with backing from a dragon like yourself I believe I can start to see a turn over of around 10 hairs growing a night.

My aim for the next financial year is to have a steady growth, leading up to 2018 where projected growth is around a yeard.

Thanks for listening to my pitch and if you have any questions I’d be more then happy to answer them.”

-Oliver K


“Well is there anything better than a well groomed beard that smells nice when you get close?”

-Pantelis X

Peter McKerry

“Because my beard has the fire OF A THOUSAND SUNS!”

 -Peter M

Rob Dervish

“This beard is 10 years in & yet to find a beard oil that can deal with the lustrous girth. However when oiled does shine & many many folk ask how do I care for the beard & this is where I tell them! Thanks Dragons Den, life got a lot more exciting on Bristlr that night.”

-Rob D

Rob Langley

“Hello dragons. You have more money than sense… but you don’t have a decent beard. Give me all of your money and beard oil, or I’ll break into your houses and put one solitary beard hair in every cereal packet.”

-Rob L

Si Dixon

“My beard deserves to win because it owns a particular set of skills, skills it has acquired over a long career, skills that makes it a nightmare for people like you, it will find you and it will win this prize…….

-Si D

Stuart Pritchard

“Because she said ‘No'”

Stuart P

Tim Barker

“Beards are awesome, and should always be celebrated. Especially if it contain hints of fire-red.

Beards are beautiful because the separate the men from the boys, and they demand respect and awe.

Any beard that can survive the cold, blistering Canadian winter deserves a bit of pampering. #WolfInTheDen”

-Tim B

Tim Hodge

“What? I can’t hear you because my beard is too awesome… Oh, a competition? Meh, whatever. I might win, I might not. Either way I win because this grows out of my face. Gaze upon it and weep, lesser mortals.”

-Tim H

Tom Ince

“My beard deserves to win because my hands might be rough but I like my beard soft.”

 -Tom I

Valentino Gahide

“This is my beard. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My beard is my best friend. It is my life. I must master trimming it as I master my life. My beard, without me, is useless. Without my beard, I am useless.”

-Valentino G

Wayne Oakes

“My beard deserves to win as I’m a beard virgin and it needs to be broken in by the best.”

-Wayne O


“Because it is natural, because it is part of me, because it is my own choice.”

-Zsolt M

That’s a wrap! We’ll be narrowing down our entrants over this week and will reveal the winner and three runners-up in this month’s Bristlr Newsletter on Friday! Not signed up? Head over here.

#WolfInTheDen – The Final Day!

Our #WolfInTheDen competition in association with Totem Wolf and inspired by our Dragon’s Den appearance last month will be drawing to a close tomorrow.

There’s still time!

If you think your beard has got what it takes, then you’ve got nothing to lose in entering our competition. Just contact us with a photo of your beard, and pitch it to us. Dragon’s Den style!

We’ve had some great entrants so far, with strong beards and stronger pitches! It’ll be difficult to decide on a winner, let alone THREE runners-up! It’s hard work, but we take pride in it…

In case you missed it, we recently sweetened the deal for our winner with the help of Totem Wolf. We now have five bottles of Premium Beard Oil, a box of Beard Savon Soap (contains two blocks) AND the offer of 10% off all Totem Wolf purchases for a year!!

The winner will receive two bottles of the Premium Beard Oil and the box of Beard Savon Soap, as well as the 10% off offer. Our three runners up will receive a slightly smaller, but equally respectable einvestment of one bottle of Premium Beard Oil.

So get to it! You have until Midnight GMT 31st March 17 to enter your beard and prove to us that you have what it takes to win!

Bristlr Newsletter – Issue #1

Hello, beard fans! Welcome to Bristlr’s first ever newsletter! Every month I’ll be searching far and wide to bring you updates from the beard world.

We’re sure you’ve already heard that Bristlr founder, John, recently appeared on Dragon’s Den and managed to woo Dragons Nick Jenkins and Peter Jones with his charms (the beard probably helped too). To celebrate, we’re running our #WolfInTheDen competition! We’ll be giving away fabulous prizes supplied by Totem Wolf.

Speaking of Totem Wolf, we’ve got a lot of good things to say about their signature Blend 79 Beard Oil in our review. And the beardcare treats don’t stop there; Beard Lab were kind enough to send us some of their brand new Darwin Beard Butter to test out. Also, last month I did an experiment with a variety of Lush products.

– Samuel Alexander, Bristlr’s Community manager


The Wolf In The Den Competition!

In celebration of our recent Dragon’s Den appearance, and success, we’re launching a new competition!

We’re teaming up with Totem Wolf and have a supply of their signature Blend 79 Beard Oil. And we’re looking to invest those bottles in you, the dedicated beard owners.

In the spirit of Dragon’s Den, you’ll have to pitch your beard to us in order to win!

Find out more about our competition and how to enter here…

Beard Lab NL

Beard Lab’s Darwin Beard Butter

We do love an extra special treat for our beards here at Bristlr, and Beard Lab’s Darwin Beard Butter is just that. So you can imagine our delight when we were sent our very own pot of the lovely stuff to try out.

Unlike a beard balm, Darwin Beard Butter isn’t really useful for styling. Instead it’s really nourishing – with regular use expect your beard to be incredibly soft and silky. Couple that with regular use of beard oil, such as The Scientist, and you’ll have a super strokeable beard in no time.

Read our full review here…

braw beards NL

The Braw Beard Oils’ Beard and Moustache Championships 2017 was a total sellout! If you want to get yourself in to next year’s championships head over to Braw Beard Oils, where you can also find photos from 2017’s Championships.

Totem Wolf NL

Totem Wolf’s Blend 79

Have you ever thought you need more variety in your beard oil? Want to be greeted by a different scent each time you give it a sniff? Blend 79 has an eclectic mix of carefully selected scents that all come together to make one beautifully sweet sniff.

When the scent first hits, you’re met with the sweet yet minty top notes of grapefruit and peppermint. These scents are great mood boosters, and combined apparently are great to help with depression, colds and even headaches. The oils are also antibacterial and antiseptic, so no nastiness in your beard! And those are just the top notes!

Read our full review here…

finlay nl

Meet Finlay Wilson. Notice Finlay’s great beard – it’s not the lengthiest beard, but it’s certainly well-groomed and it’s got a nice thickness to it. You can find Finlay teaching yoga in Dundee, and if you’re lucky he might even do it in his kilt! In fact he recently made a social media splash by doing just that! If you want to see more of Finlay and his bendy, beardy ways why not check out his Instagram?


NT’s Valentines with Bristlr

Last month was Valentine’s Day, naturally a very important day for the Bristlr team. So in an effort to unite beards with those that want to stroke them, we teamed up with NT’s Bar and Café down in London.  We flooded the bar with beard fans and a scattering of beards as the cocktails flowed and the beards were fondled (responsibly, of course). It was a delight to be involved, we hope NT’s are enjoying a new, beardy presence in their venue. Here’s to more future beard-fondling Valentine’s with Bristlr.

Got a story all about beards that you want to be featured in a future edition of our newsletter? Contact Samuel at


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Competition – #WolfInTheDen


In celebration of our recent Dragon’s Den appearance, and success, we’re launching a new competition!

We’re teaming up with Totem Wolf again, and we have a supply of five bottles of their signature Blend 79 Beard Oil. And we’re looking to invest those bottles in you, the dedicated beard owners.

In the spirit of Dragon’s Den, you’ll have to pitch your beard to us in order to win our competition, with photos to show off all its glory!

There are a few ways you can enter.

For our Facebook fans, post your beard photo with your beard pitch in the comments section of our competition posts.

For Twitter fans, tweet your beard pitch and photo to us @BristlrApp with #WolfInTheDen.

Finally, Instagram fans, post your photo with your beard pitch as the description, using the tag #WolfInTheDen, and be sure to either mention us, @Bristlr, in the description or tag us in the photo.

Three platforms, three ways to enter!

Remember, you need to pitch your beard to us! Tell us why you love your beard, why you love beards in general, why you love Bristlr or even why you think Totem Wolf should invest their beard oils in you! We’re leaving the pitching to you.

Good luck, beards!

#Beardcare Review – Beard Lab Darwin Beard Butter

We do love an extra special treat for our beards here at Bristlr, and Beard Lab’s Darwin Beard Butter is just that. So you can imagine our delight when we were sent our very own pot of the lovely stuff to try out.

Beard butter is a new one for me; I’ve tried oils, balms and waxes, but never butters. I have to say, it’s been a pleasant surprise.


Unlike a beard balm, Darwin Beard Butter isn’t really useful for styling. Instead it’s really nourishing – with regular use expect your beard to be incredibly soft and silky. Couple that with regular use of beard oil, such as The Scientist, and you’ll have a super strokeable beard in no time.

The scent took a little bit of getting used to for me – it might be because I read the label, which comes with a handy mention of “contains nut oils,” so maybe my brain was telling me it smells very nutty. But after a couple of uses, the citrus-y scents really started to come through, and I do love a citrus-y scent. If you love lemons or Starburst, you’ll love the scent of Darwin Beard Butter.


This stuff is simple and easy to use, just scoop a small amount out on the tip of your finger and rub it in to your hands (first time you use it, the butter may be a little solid but it melts fairly easily if you just rub your fingers on the surface). After that rub it in to your beard, enjoy those lovely scents wafting up, and congrats; you have buttered your beard! If you have a long or thick beard you might need to do a couple of applications, but such are the risks of being so beardy.


Even if you do have a lengthy beard, Darwin Beard Butter will last you a while with regular use. I’ve had my tub for just over a week, used daily and barely even made a dent yet. So rest assured, you’re definitely getting value for money here – expect your tub to last about two months.

So if you’re after a new beard product to soften and tame your bristles, we couldn’t recommend Beard Lab’s Darwin Beard Butter enough. This one has the Bristlr stamp of approval.


#Competition – Valentines with NT’s and Totem Wolf

It’s competition time again, and this time we’re teaming up with both NT’s Bar and Totem Wolf!

In anticipation of our Valentine’s event at NT’s, Totem Wolf have sent us three bottles of their signature Blend 79 Beard Oil.

Three event goers will be in with a chance of winning their own bottle, and treating their beard to something special.

Those of you that like/share the event post on Facebook be in with a chance of winning a bottle of Totem Wolf Luxury beard oil AND a free cocktail!

To enter the competition:

  • Like and share the event on Facebook.
  • Come to our Valentine’s With Bristlr at NT’s event in London on 15th February.
  • Get yourself a free cocktail and some beard oil!

So get those beards ready, and see you on Valentine’s.

Valentine’s With Bristlr at NT’s

Is 2017 going to be the year you’ll find your own beard to fondle? If you’re really dedicated, you’ll come join us at NT’s this Valentine’s.

You can grab yourself a beer, and grab yourself a beard. But remember, please fondle responsibly (#AskBeforeYouGrasp)…

So if you find yourself at a loss this Valentine’s, head down to London. Come meet us and all the lovely beards on offer! For our Bristlr members, there’s a special 2 for 1 drinks offer!

Sign up to the event on Facebook, and why not check out NT’s on Instagram too.

Find us at:

NT’s Cocktail Bar
207, 1 Westgate St
London Fields
E8 3RL

See you there, February 15th, 6pm until late…


A Proper #Lush Beard!

I have a confession… I love Lush!

You might not think it, but Lush have a whole variety of products that are perfect for use with your beard! Even some of the products not designed for beard use.

So, I’ve put together a list of all the products that I’ve ever used in my beard, starting with (and then in no particular order)…


Starting with the products that are actually meant for beard use. This was also the first product I ever used. My favourite thing about it? It’s quick, easy and I can use it in the shower for speedy use. It’s also great to be used on the rest of your face, for added cleanliness. It’ll leave you face and beard lovely, soft and fresh. It’ll also last ages! Like everything in Lush… Sometimes I feel like a bad customer for not needing to go in very often. Anyways, just use a tiny amount, you don’t need loads for each wash. Top tip: Use a small amount on a dry beard to style and add a touch of fragrance for the day, brilliant less harsh alternative to beard waxes and gels.

Great for double use, can be used for the hair on your head as well as your face! This is great for those of you with beards that might feel a little brittle or even a bit sharp (eek!), particularly if it’s quite short. It’s a moisturiser so expect your beard to feel lovely and soft, with a lovely uplifting scent! This one isn’t made for beards, but it’s always fun to get creative. Another one where less is more, especially given this one is really intended to be used on long hair rather than beards. Best used on a wet beard after towel drying to let the goodness sink in.


Okay, first off this stuff smells AMAZING! Like actual custard. But don’t eat it. No tea, no shade, but it tastes terrible (compared to the scent). In defense of Lush, it wasn’t made for eating. This one was given to me as a gift from a Lush buddy (go and befriend people that work at Lush!!), so I thought I’d give it a go in my beard. Then I discovered I could smell it all day if I really concentrated. I’m sold. Again, made to be used in your hair, so it’ll make your hair feel lovely too. It’s great to use on a wet beard, it’ll make it a little more malleable for styling once dry. Don’t be put off using it on a dry beard though, just be aware that you’ll really need to rub it in otherwise it’ll show up quite clearly. It might make your beard feel a bit odd, sticky even, but it’ll definitely add thickness and has pretty good hold for keeping your style! Keep a brush handy for this one, you’ll want to brush it through (a regular hair brush will do, s’what I use!).

Who said you had to be satisfied with the colour of your beard as it is? With Lush Henna dyes you can spice up your life, and your beard, with a touch of red. A perfect Autumnal look to add a touch of colour, given how grey the skies are getting right now. There are a range of Lush Henna dyes to choose from. If you’ve got quite a light coloured beard naturally, you could go full on red with the lightest shade. Or, you could go the opposite way with the darkest shade, for a dark, mysterious look. The choice is yours!


The last styling step is Lush’s very own moutsache wax! It’s easy to use and it’ll give you a strong hold that lasts all day. Best way to use it is to scrape it out with the top of your nail (otherwise you’ll find loads of it gets stuck under your nail), just a tiny amount will do. Rub it in to your fingertips and then style as you like. I like to pretty much glue my moustache down, helps keep it out of my mouth. But you can always curl it up, or let your imagination run wild! I also use this stuff in my beard to try to keep it tamed – I like to rub it in the twist my beard around, then let it go. Helps keep it all together. That’s really hard to describe so check the picture above to see what I mean. 

This is another great hair dressing, like Hair Custard, but sans eggs. I tried this one when I toyed with going vegan. Rest assured, everything in Lush is ethically sourced, but if you do want to avoid eggs this is a great alternative! It’s also a little bit lighter than the Hair Custard, both in consistency and colour – so it’ll add less weight but if you have a darker beard you’ll probably want to use a little less. You’ll get a whole different scent from the hair custard – lime for a burst of freshness and banana for touch of mellowness. Great for any mood!

  • Eyebrow Pencils


“But wait, eyebrows aren’t beards!” Unless you think of your moustache as the eyebrow of the mouth? Didn’t see that curve ball coming, did you? I read this tip a long time ago that if you want a thicker looking moustache, an eyebrow pencil can help. The trouble is most eyebrow pencils are fragile and wooden like…well, a pencil. So when they start to wear down it can get a bit frustrating, and painful (wood can get sharp and splintery). Say no more to that little problem, Lush eyebrow pencils are more like a child’s crayon, and I couldn’t be happier. There are also a few shades for you to choose from. So you can either match your colour for a slightly thicker look, or go for a darker shade to take it all the way. I prefer a darker shade – for some reason my moustache is much lighter than the rest of my beard, so I prefer it to match. Heck, you can even use it on your eyebrows if you like!

Top tip: if you use the red shade, your skin might redden around your beard so try a colour supplement – I use Jackie Oats because I’m super pale. Just draw it thinly around your beard after applying the pencil, let it settle a bit, then gently rub it in to your skin away from your beard. 

PS. We’re aware most of your bearded guys don’t buy make up (maybe some of you do, that’s cool!). Lush is a completely judgement free zone, just in case you were worried. It’s also 2016, and times are changing. You do you. 

This and any of Lush’s other shampoo bars are great for beards! They’re a little less fiddly than a liquid shampoo, you just get your beard wet and rub them on. Try to avoid rubbing it directly on your lips, though most Lush products are great for sensitive skin the nettle and peppermint infusion might be a tad too much for that area. Just aim for the chin. This one’s great for adding shine and stimulating your hair follicles, so expect your beard to start looking much happier and healthier. Needless to say, this is great on your hair too!

Sorry I couldn’t get you a picture for all of those, but Lush has plenty of great models on their website to show off for you! Anyways, once you’re done pampering your beard, get out there and share it with the world!


There are LOADS of products on offer in Lush, all ethically sourced (and the vast majority are vegan) and natural. So you can rest assured your beard, and face (and the rest of you, if you get side tracked by other products) are in good hands. Chances are if you’ve seen a product for use with hair in Lush, it’ll work just as well in your beard. But always ask the staff, just in case. Also, if you’ve found a Lush product for beard use let us know – you could be featured in our blog!

You can ask for a test pot of just about any product in Lush. So why not ask and experiment with what works for your beard? You too, could have a proper Lush beard!

Bristlr on Dating Advice

Head on over to Dating Advice because Bristlr is being featured!

If you want to delve more in to our story, right from the roots, head on over and have a read.

Here’s the short version of the wonderful things Dating Advice had to say about us:

When it comes to scruff, some daters can’t get enough. For beard-wearers and beard-lovers everywhere, Bristlr has cultivated a niche dating network of hundreds of thousands of singles. These people come together in mutual admiration for a whiskered chin. You register by answering the oh-so-important question: “Do you have a beard?” No need to state your gender or fill out a lengthy bio — singles can immediately start rating beards and messaging users for free. Begun in 2014 as a joke, Bristlr connects men with facial hair to dates who love tickling kisses. Today, fun-loving singles worldwide seek love and relationships in this quirky network.

Be sure to read the whole article! You can learn all about our founder, our success stories and all about our team!

Thanks for the shout out Dating Advice!