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5 Science Backed Benefits of Owning a Beard

Despite the stigma around facial scruff slowly dwindling down let’s face it; they still, unfortunately, get some darn right unreasonable stick (from friends to your closest family). Any beardsman who has sported a decent amount of beard has been there having to deal with the odd underhanded comment – you know the like:

  • “Too lazy, you can’t even be bothered to shave!”
  • “What…on…the earth is that growing from your face?!”
  • “Did you want an avocado and Starbucks latte with that thing?”

And really, it’s not on. Well, that’s why we’ve gone ahead and made this much needed post. We wanted to provide you with some hard hitting evidence to throw some counter punches with and to shut the beard critics stum. We went ahead and carried out a bunch of research into beard related studies and came up with five scientific backed benefits to owning a beard that you can throw their way.

1. Get the upper hand with first impressions

You know what they say about first impressions right? “Your first impression is your last impression”.

Well it turns out, owning a darn right *well-groomed* beard can help you look more trustworthy when someone is conjuring up that first impression of you, as detailed in a study quite appropriately named “The Man Behind a Beard”.

Here’s what they found: those who were deemed to be least trustworthy were the beardless guys, or as they put it the ‘non-bearded face’. No surprise there then, the most trustworthy? You guessed it, those sporting a full on beard.

There are a bunch of other studies too that go into discussing the general perceptions of beards and the social status that people automatically assign to them. For instance, this 2012 study found that bearded men were perceived to have a high social status and that they were also deemed more masculine as well as generally more confident.

We can see it as being a self fulfilling prophecy: See, not only do men feel more confident with they have a beard, as detailed by the results in this Braun Survey, but since they are perceived that way too people who start to grow out their beard will naturally be more confident.

Bottom Line: Want to be more make better first impressions? Easy, just grow a beard.

2. They keep you healthy

Believe it or not, despite all the claims of your beard containing bits of ‘poo’ and the like (which has since been largely discredited) what has been found is that a beard will keep you in pretty good health in a few ways.

First off, they are good for your skin (if only for the fact it stops you ruining your face with a shaver or razor blade, causing ingrown hairs, infections, blemishes and the like) keeping you looking younger as the sebum that naturally resides on your face is held for longer, helping to moisturise your skin.

Plus, it has been recorded to block up to 95% of harmful UV rays (which are responsible for damaging and ageing the skin). Of course, not to mention the fact it reduces the chance of you getting melanoma (which is where the famous Jimmy Niggles beard growing campaign stems from). It also performs like a sort of beardy net, stopping airborne diseases from passing into your mouth – it works particularly well with those who have difficulty to breathe (e.g. those with asthma).

Not only that, they are potentially responsible for tackling antibiotic resistances as found at the University College London – so we might soon see a beard fighting antibiotic.

Bottom Line: Want to stay and get healthier? Maintain a proper full on beard to act as pretty awesome first line of defence.

3. They can enhance your career prospects

Contrary to popular belief, there are quite a few arguments for beards actually aiding your career rather than hindering it.

First off, let’s take the point from The Man Behind the Beard study where participants judged a beardy man to be more trustworthy than a beardless one. Well this survey from Lookers took it on in a more practical and commercial sense and asked their customers: “How likely are you to buy a car from this person?”

The results: A full, trimmed, well-kept beard was deemed to be the salesman that they were most likely to buy from. No surprise really. The least likely to buy? You guessed it: the shaven guy.

Another anecdotal case study we like is the freelancer who photoshopped a fake beard to improve the number of jobs he got. So perhaps maybe, just maybe, your beard is doing more for you than you think in the career arena.

We don’t recommend this to all industries: If you’ve got an interview with a company with a generally anti-beard stance (like some law firms, or within the banking industry), unless you know they will be ‘cool’ about it – unfortunately it might go against you.

Bottom Line: Want to make more sales and get ahead with your career? Grow a full-on, well-groomed beard.

4. They boost your attractiveness

This is a classic question “Does a beard make more attractive?” and it is one that gets asked time and time again. There are quite literally dozens of different studies that have gone into this. The overall results?

Guys who sport a short to full beard are deemed most attractive – of course there are some studies that are heavily in favour and some that aren’t (that said the ones that go against the beard are generally funded by shaving companies, so I’d take note of that). If you really want to drill the point home to someone arguing that bearded men aren’t more attractive, link him up to this wadded article on if women like beards. This is perhaps one of our favourites (or at least most enlightening):

In the study conducted at the University of New South Wales, 351 women were asked to rate men with varying levels of facial hair. What they found was that women deemed guys sporting heavy stubble as the most handsome, and that 177 males thought guys with stubble to full-on beards were the most handsome.

On a side note, the participants thought those with beards had the best potential for parenthood and overall masculinity too. Like you would expect, guys sporting a light stubble or a completely bald face performed the worst in all the categories.

Bottom Line: Want to get better looking? Grow at least some heavy stubble (that still doesn’t mean you can neglect it though, apply some beard oil on it frequently as well as keeping it trim and proper).

5. Become weatherproof

Want a darn right practical benefit of owning a beard? How about the fact they are all round weatherproof.

They will keep you warm during the winter months – this has genuinely been reported by a guy who went half beard and half shaven for a few months – a somewhat limiting, anecdotal test? Yes. Brilliant though? Absolutely!

Then during the summer months, despite what most think (and I guess it is sort of logical) they won’t make you hotter. In fact, splash some cold water at your beard and you’ve just created your own little air cooling system, plus it provides a natural shade from the sunlight.

Bottom Line: Want to be able to brave the weather all year round? You get the picture by now.

To Beard or Not to Beard?

After all that, hopefully you are in agreement that growing a beard is always the way to go, and questions such as “to beard or not to beard?” prove unecessary.

So the next time some beardless colleague has a low and sly jibe at your mane, you can hit him back with some hard-hitting evidence, and in turn mock his bald face. Or (probably the right thing to do) have a little chuckle to yourself in the knowledge that your beard has you looking better, ensures you stay healthier, helps you get ‘one up’ in the careers game, plus when you finish work and it’s time to step outside into a cold windy night – your face will be nice and snug.

Beards look best on Fridays

We have the data to prove it.

Ever wonder if the time of day or day of the week changes how people view beards? Obviously, yes. So we ran the numbers.

Using data collected from our Rate Beards feature, we’ve found that on Fridays beards are consistently rated 2% higher than on an average day. Furthermore, between 3pm and 7pm there’s an extra 2% to 3% boost in follicle favourability.

Sadly, there is also a flip side to our data. Beards are regarded as 1% worse on Sundays and Mondays. The absolute lowest opinion point for beards is 7am on a Monday when people rate beards 3% lower than average.

Is discovering these facts a good use of my time? Who can say. The important thing is that your Friday feeling extends to beards.

Yours in beards,


The Ultimate Guide to Beard Growing (free book!)

This is a guest post by Chandler Sterling, who has written a very cool (and free) book guiding you through every step there is to your beard growth journey.

Chandler Sterling is the founder of California Beard Company. The company just released their first book for free as an E-Book, titled The Ultimate Guide to Beard Growing. Here is a story he shared with Bristlr about his experience as a beginner beard grower.

It was 2008 and the middle of my college years. It seemed that life couldn’t get any better than college. Parties every weekend, sleeping in every day, no Friday classes, tons of girls everywhere…

However, as I was growing into a man I felt there was something I hadn’t yet achieved- a full beard. I had seen bearded men in real life and in the movies. They are often viewed as powerful, confident men who command respect from those around them while living life on their terms. As a young man searching for an identity, well, this was an identity I could aspire to.

So, I decided to grow a beard, foregoing shaving for exactly 1 month. My strategy was simple: don’t shave and let father time do his part. Over time my beard hair will get longer and longer, resulting in a sweet beard in a short amount of time. However, I quickly realized after 2 weeks that my beard was nowhere close to the epic beards I had seen before. It was thin and patchy and hardly gained any length at all.

I had always been taught by my father that patience is a virtue. So I decided to try my hand at virtuosity and kept at this new bearded lifestyle for another month. Surely, after six weeks of growth, my beard will be epic, right? Well, sort of. After six weeks my beard was starting to fill in and gain some mass. My problem was still the length…it was still so much shorter than I expected!

And as my beard kept growing, more unpleasant symptoms arose, such as incredible itchiness, straw-like beard hair, and beard-dandruff flakes all over. At one point, my beard was so dry and itchy that it literally hurt my follicles to touch the hair. Not to mention, I looked like a huge scrub because I wasn’t shaving my neckline to help shape the beard. My beard was growing in every direction, itching like hell, and flaking dandruff on everyone.

Fuck that. I had enough. I had the patience to wait for a long, glorious beard but I didn’t have the discipline to live through beard itch, beard-dandruff, and a scrubby appearance. This was college, after all, and I’ll be damned if I spend it looking unkempt. I wanted to enjoy the social benefits of looking good and this beard was detrimental to that goal. Six weeks into the experiment I gave up and shaved the beard off.

Back to the clean-shaven life, the ridicule from my friends ceased, the attention from women increased, and life was back to good. But in the back of my mind, I had failed. I had not achieved what I set out to do.

If I had the resources to educate myself on how to properly grow and care for a beard, I would have confidently grown a beard and looked good doing it.

Now, almost 10 years later, I’ve lived the majority of my adult life with some form of a beard. I’ve learned the simple tricks to growing and caring for a beard. In the fall of 2017, I took it upon myself to combine all my knowledge into a self-help book.

The effort resulted in The Ultimate Guide to Beard Growing, a completely free E-Book. This book takes a science-based approach to explaining beards and how to care for them. This way, you know how to treat the underlying causes of beard-itch and beard-dandruff, and knowledge is power.

The book covers topics such as trimming your beard, caring for your beard, and reducing beard itch, dandruff, and ingrown hairs. I even put together a chart to help you choose a razor that’s right for you.

Click here to get the free book.

Prism by Beard Lab & Bristlr – Our new Beard Oil!

Prism is the new beard oil scent currently in development by Beard Lab, with a helping hand from Bristlr. Trust us, you need it in your life!

Beard Lab fans will remember their Jellybean Beard Oil, which sadly disappeared. However we love the scent so much that we’ve helped bring it back, with a re-brand!

Arriving soon in Beard Lab’s shop, Prism is a must have for beard owners looking for something a little sweeter. Smell the rainbow all day long with its colourful, fruity scent.

Beard Lab's Prism with Bristlr
Prism, a collaborative effort between Bristlr and Beard Lab, will be coming soon! So your beard can smell like rainbows too!

So, why have we brought back Jellybean? The simple answer is that Jellybean was our favourite beard oil scent, and we were heartbroken to see it go. We brought it back so that everyone can enjoy the magical scent once again!

We also wanted to give something back to the beard community, something unique. You’ll find plenty of beard oils out there inspired by woody, musky, masculine scents. How many beard oils smell like sweets and rainbows? Just Prism!

We want to see our beard owning folk taking good care of their beards. To do that you’ll need a quality beard oil. What better way to ensure quality than to work with a brand, like Beard Lab, that delivers products we know we love?

Prism was originally inspired by our Rainbow Feature, so it nicely ties in to the Bristlr brand. We’d also hoped to release this rainbow inspired beard oil in time for Pride Season, but unfortunately these things take time. You can’t cut corners when it comes to achieving a quality product after all! However, we want our LGBT fans to know that Prism and the rainbow motif was inspired by your diverse community!

Beard Lab have almost finished preparations and Prism will soon be available to buy. Until then go and pre-order your own bottle

#SuccessStory – Rae & Aidy

Rae and Aidy

Another success here at Bristlr!

This week Rae got in touch to tell us she’s met the beard for her on Bristlr. The beard in question belongs to Aidy from Sheffield, and what a lovely beard he has! Take a look for yourselves.
We asked Rae for her story, how Bristlr brought her and Aidy together and where things are going from here.

I first saw Bristlr on Dragons Den and joined straight away but there was no one in my area.

Fast forward to April 2017 and I opened my distance search and found Aidy in Sheffield, 60+ miles away. His quirkiness and passion for photography were a hit for me and we began to chat via text and swapped Instagram account details to admire each other’s work.

We met in person on June 3rd in Sheffield. Both extremely nervous but had a fabulous day sharing our love of art, museums and the outdoors. We are now stronger than ever and have future plans.

‘Future plans’ sounds a bit mysterious, but that’s the way we like it here at Bristlr! The possibilities are endless, just like the beards!

We wish Rae and Aidy nothing but happiness and beard fondling in those future plans. We’re glad to hear you both found each other and share so many passions (but mostly, we’re delighted you share a passion for beards).

Want more feel good, beardy Success Stories? Take a look at our latest Success Story!

Did you find love in a beardy place? Get in touch with samuel@bristlr.com and we’ll share your Success Story on our blog! 

Guest Post – 10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Man With a Beard

This article was written by Tara @ TrimEpil.com:

With the latest trend of men growing impressive facial hair, it is no wonder that more women find themselves attracted to bearded men.

If you are wondering why the beard has turned into a new symbol of sexual attraction and why more ladies are choosing to date men with beards, here are 10 reasons which will clarify this recent trend:

1. A beard makes a man even manlier. Having a full grown beard makes a man look more mature and confident which is exactly what most women are looking for when seeking their life partners. Plus there are many beard styles that are which will never grow old such as those here!

2. The beard makes snuggling and kissing much more fun. A soft and tickly beard is the perfect turn on for most ladies who will gladly share these intimate moments with a man with a beard.

3. Men with beards are open to adventure. A man who has the courage to take the step to grow a full grown beard is definitely not a cookie cutter. Choose to date a bearded man and you will never be bored! Spontaneous surprises and exciting new experiences will become a part of your happy new life. If you want to experience new adventures and never again have a dull moment – this is the best choice you can make when choosing a new partner.

4. Beards can add to the elegant look. Combining a well-groomed, trimmed beard with a stylish outfit can make any bearded man simply irresistible!

5. Nothing can beat the sensation of gently stroking a full grown beard on the face of your loved one. The tickling and the softness of the beard are very difficult to withstand and your man will love you even more when you gently caress his beard.

6. The beard protects the face of your loved one so even on the chilliest days he will be warm and happy, especially when you are around to enjoy the moment.

7. A fully grown beautiful beard is a symbol of rebellion and confidence, and let’s face it ladies – we all like bad boys! Plus, a well-groomed beard is proof that your man has the patience and can be committed enough to grow it and care for it. This means that the guy will be patient and committed to you too!

8. Bearded men are actually healthier. It is only natural for a woman to look for a partner who is strong and healthy, and scientific research has found that beards can actually reduce the risk of skin cancer and slow down the aging process due to the fact that it blocks up to 95% of the harmful UV rays.

9. Lumbersexuals are the new thing! Yes, women love a man with a burly beard who seems ready to take down a few trees with a big and heavy axe.

10. The beard makes a man look more mature. Say goodbye to the baby-faced men and help to a much more mature look of a bearded guy! A full grown beard is a symbol of manhood and wisdom.

Overall, if you choose to date a man with a beard you will feel happy, cared for, proud and constantly attracted to your guy. Beards are timeless and can be combined with both a more casual look as well as a classic and stylish vision. Everybody will notice your man, and you will never be more proud and sure about the choice you have made if you pick a bearded man to be at your side!

So, if you have been wondering why men with beards are constantly grabbing your attention – don’t. There is perfectly logical reasoning behind this trend. Go ahead and follow your heart – call that bearded man you met at the party last night. It could surely turn into the best and biggest love story of your life!

Got your own beard related article? Get in touch with samuel@bristlr.com with your ideas and lets talk beards!

#SuccessStory – Bristlr Baby

Bristlr Baby

Here at the Bristlr Blog we’ve had plenty of Success Stories. We’ve brought people together all around the world. All through a mutual love of beards.

So imagine our delight to find that our very first Success Story between Sophie and Kyle has led to our first Bristlr Baby! Say hello to Alex, who we’re sure will grow up to be a big fan of beards.

Not bad for an account set up by some friends on a night of drinking, right Sophie?

It’s been a couple of weeks since Sophie contacted us through Facebook to tell us the good news. So we believe it’s time to share that good news with the rest of our fans.

We met through Bristlr two and a half years ago, and welcomed our daughter Alex three weeks ago! She’s perfect, and absolutely loves snuggling in to daddy’s massive beard!

We’re totally smitten with each other and Alex. If I hadn’t messaged ‘Beyond The Flames’ on your app, we wouldn’t be here now.

The Bristlr Team is delighted our first (that we know of) Bristlr family! Congratulations to Sophie and Kyle, and welcome to the world our smallest beard fan, Alex!

10 Men with Beards that will make you want to join Bristlr

10 Men with Beards that will make you want to join Bristlr

Beards are amazing, am I right? They’re definitely in our top 10 of favourite things. We’re pretty sure they’re your favourite thing too.

Beards are for sharing, so we’ve tracked down 10 men with beards that will make you want to join Bristlr!

Not sure if Bristlr is the app for you? Check out our latest success story from Brian Harrington, to see Bristlr in action!


Beard #1

Beards and tattoos are @rickisamhall‘s signature look, but did you know the beard is currently off? It’s always sad to see a good beard go, so be sure to let them know how special they are!


Beard #2

A beard in Berlin. @dominikberberich is a model (of course), bartender and owner of one amazing beard!


Beard #3

A snappy dresser and a fancy beard on @queyoun, we certainly approve!


Beard #4

A fighting fit beard from Madrid! @kryspasiecznik has got some pretty sweet tattoos to go with that thickness.


Beard #5

The beard of @spizoiky looks great in black and white or colour. Go take a look at his profile and try to tell use we’re wrong.


Beard #6

Did you know that beards are the key to adventure? @mark.c.dc certainly does!


Beard #7

Influencer, fashion wearer and beard owner. @woodreaux has a beard to be envied, and looks great in peach.


Beard #8

Do you know how easy it is to accessorise with a beard? @mehdi_manafii certainly does! Just look at this beard and hat combo.


Beard #9

You’ll always find @alexcroquer and his beard surrounded by cats. Seriously, check out his profile. This beard is a cat magnet.


Beard #10

This beard is enough to make anyone smile. Just look at the smile on @kiradymov‘s face!


There you have it, beards really are the best right! If it’s beards you’re looking for, you’ll find plenty of them right here on Bristlr. So join us and all the amazing beards of Bristlr.

For all the beards and beard lovers on social media, we’re currently running a competition in association with BILF. Head over to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages to take part! 

#SuccessStory – Brian & Sherin

Last week we reached out to Brian Harrington, beardy entrepreneur, actor, producer and more! This isn’t the first time Brian’s been here on our blog, but this story might be a little more exciting…

We were delighted to hear that Brian met his fiance, Sherin, through Bristlr. Even more exciting, they recently engaged! We’ve got another Bristlr wedding on the way!

Brian and Sherin’s engagement took place at 30,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean. Not your average proposal! You can watch the touching moment that Sherin said yes, right here:

You can read more about this touching story from both Brian and Sherin below.


I messaged back and forth with Southwest on Twitter for about a month ahead of time and they were on it from the start. They emailed the flight crew and let me know a bottle of champagne would be waiting on board. The mood lights on the aisle, the peanuts crown, and calling us both up to the front was all their idea and the pilot let us take a sweet picture in the cockpit afterwards.


Brian was in a weird, jittery mood leading up to our flight and I couldn’t figure out what had gotten into him! After letting me know that they “deleted his boarding pass,” I figured we wouldn’t be flying on Southwest anytime soon…boy, was I wrong. In a super coordinated effort, Southwest went above and beyond to execute the perfect proposal with the man of my dreams! I got to wear the ultimate peanut crown, sip champagne, and celebrate our day from 30,000+ feet in the sky.

Congratulations to Brian and Sherin on your engagement, we’re so happy to have brought you together and we hope there are many more happy years to come.


If you want to find your own beard, or if you’re looking for someone to stroke your beard, join Bristlr.

#BeardTalk with Bristlr – Dave the Bear

Dave The Bear Bristlr

You can find Dave the Bear on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


We want to know more about your beards, so we’re starting off a new series – Beard Talk with Bristlr.

Our first beardy participant is Dave the Bear – a UK based bearded burlesque performer. The Bear performs worldwide, sharing the beardy goodness with everyone. To top it off, this is a decorated beard!

Winner of People’s Choice Award at the Vienna Boylesque Festival 2015, and nominated for London Cabaret Award for Best Alternative Act and a British Comedy Award for his work on 8 Out of 10 Cats, this beard certainly gets around!

So, want to get to know more about Dave the Bear and his beard? Read on:

What made you grow those magnificent bristles?

I’ve had a fuzzy face all my life, they don’t call me His Royal Hairiness for nothing! I used to shave it off as a teen, although I had some pretty killer sideburns, but I started embracing it fully when I was about 23.

How long have you been cultivating this fine beard?

Since the day I was born, my mother got stubble rash down there when I came out.

What do you love most about your beard?

It’s great for hiding things, like snacks for the cinema, small animals and most importantly, my double chin.

Any beardcare tips for the beard growers of the world?

I think grading it is important to keep it looking smart, plus plucking out the stray hairs in the middle of your face to avoid serving neanderthal realness.

Do you have any words of solidarity for your fellow beard owners?

I never used to like my beard, then it grew on me.

Huge thank you to Dave the Bear for taking the time out to tell us more about himself and his beard! We’ll have more #BeardTalk coming soon!

If you’re looking for your own beard to stroke, join Bristlr today.