Bristlr has a new CMO!

1391671_10152033573847774_1610558367_nOur bristles are upstanding to welcome our new CMO to the team, Stephanie Wedderburn! Stephanie is a life-long lover of nature’s coat, in all its masculine glory (and that’s not just limited to the hair which grows on your face)! We hear she’s a bit of a fan of a chest carpet too…

Putting Stephanie’s preference for male body hair aside for a moment, she’s also really rather good at marketing, and most specifically digital marketing. She’ll be working hard to understand how to keep our loyal Bristlr fans happy and entertained, and how to attract new beards and beard-lovers into the fray – therein also keeping existing fans happy and entertained!

She’ll also be responsible for running our social media, so be sure to follow us on Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and Vine, in addition to Facebook and Twitter. There are exciting happening afoot!

It’s a really thrilling time for Bristlr. What started as a “wouldn’t it be fun if…” has turned into a thriving bearded community. It’s very exciting to see it grow and we’re loving every step of the way. So thank you Brisltrs for helping to make it happen!

Now if you’d give Stephanie a warm welcome!

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