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Push notifications are here
With the release of Bristlr 1.4 on Android and iOS, we bring notifications right to you.
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We’re off speed dating! We’re teaming up with SpeedDater for a special evening of speed dating, with all money going to charity.
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We've had another wonderful couple come forward to thank us after they met on Bristlr. Say hello to Clint and Jennifer of the Templar Beard Company!
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"I thought, 'heck, let's try it!' Now you can see for yourself, we're happy!" Need some heartwarming goodness? Have a read of Pieter and Rianne's story.
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Celebrating Bristlr!

Did you know that the idea that grew into the Bristlr you know and love happened exactly a year ago today? Now you do! Join us for a celebration!
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#BareYourBeard Winner

We've come a long way, but finally we can announce the winner of our #BareYourBeard competition on what will be someone's most magical #WorldBeardDay yet!
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Pop #hashtags in your profile to be more easily found, and to find those with similar interests from around the world.
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Home Made Beard Oil!

dougie_archer UK
Fancy making your own beard oil? It's not as hard as you'd think!
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Operation #Rainbow

A rainbow profile
Finally, at long last, we're pleased to announce our killer feature. A feature unique to Bristlr, and so Earth-shatteringly spectacular that it will leave all other dating apps essentially ruined.
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The 100,000 Party

After hitting the 100,000 user milestone on Bristlr, we were so proud that we just had to throw a party!
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Ben and Lydia
"We are now living together [...] and because of the move that I made I also now have a dream job as well as the dream girl."
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cover image
Are you at a loss for plans this Friday? Got plans but you'd rather be doing something more fun and beardy? Of course! Well, join us and Drinkabout Manchester for
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closed entrants blog
Our #BareYourBeard competition has been a great success so far, but it's not over yet! We're now moving on to stage two of our competition - the photo shoot! Several
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This weekend a beard fan messaged the Bristlr Facebook page to thank us for uniting her with the beardy love of her life. And what a wonderful story it was
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Jelly Bean beard oil is as good as you hope.
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We noticed you enjoyed our Merbeards last week, so here's a guide on how to temporarily achieve one! What’s a Merbeard I hear you ask? A Merbeard is the art
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Bristlr (39 of 54)
If you'd like to work at Bristlr, you've just passed the first and most important step; wanting to work at Bristlr. We're not a normal company. We're an early stage
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Jen (2)
Do beards excite your loins? There’s only one answer. Of course. *grins* By how much? A lot. They are so damn manly. Which is your favourite beard? Why? The Tree
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