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10 Questions: Pebbles Kington - Bristlr's Blog
10 Questions: Pebbles Kington

10 Questions: Pebbles Kington

This week we’re super excited to introduce you to Pebbles Kington. Not only is Pebbles a wonderful, beard-loving lady, she’s also a Bristlr Ambassador! So if you’re in or around Bristol keep your eyes open for Pebbles – she’s beard crazy and will be helping us to bring together all the beards!

So, on to her questions…

1. Do beards excite your loins? There’s only one answer.viking
They excite a lot more than that!

2. By how much?
When it comes to beards, “too much” isn’t accepted.

3. Which is your fav beard? Why?
Viking. The bigger (and gruffer) the better!

4. And your least favourite? Why?
Ripper. If I wanted side burns I’d grow my own.

5. Your famous beard crush is..?ripper
Ooooh don’t make me chose! Joe Manganiello I’d not refuse though. (Nor would we)!

6. What’s best thing about Bristlr?

7. If we could add any new feature what would it be?
That I could win all bearded men for fondling.

8. Any “hairy” moments you’d like to share from the romance bank? Go on..
Not yet sadly.

9. Have you found love on Bristlr.
Not yet.

10. What does the future look like for you and Bristlr.

Bristlr will always be part of my life.

 Pebbles in a Bristlr T shirt


Stephanie Wedderburn

Stephanie is CMO of Bristlr, beard stroker, and social media lover (may also need priorities reordering).

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